Haier Ducted Unit Comparison

Slim Ducted Units

One of the most competitively priced units in the market

Prices for a complete Split system (Outdoor/Indoor/Wired Controller) start at under £750. Add Haier’s new stylish front and back return fascias for under £90 for both .

Why buy the Haier Slim Ducted unit? • It is the market’s slimmest ducted unit at 185mm for all models 3.5kW to 7kW (Split) and 1.5kW to 7kW (MRV) which is at least 10% narrower than competitors Only 190mm in height with Haier’s stylish fascia fitted • The unit also offers the smallest chassis depth of 420mm which in most cases is 200mm less than other competitors • Very quiet in operation as little as 19dBA • New stylish fascia is unobtrusive when installed in a ceiling void or bulkhead. • The panel has louvres with an up and down swing which enables complete air distribution throughout the entire space • Fascia shows the operating temperature of the unit at a glance • Indoor unit can be installed with or without an air duct return dependent on the application required and either bottom air or rear air return • Offered with or without a drain pump and comes with either a right or left drain option. • ESP requirement can be selected via the controller from 0Pa up to 30Pa • Energy efficient with SCOP of 4 and energy label of A+ • Can be connected to the Haier 3, 4, and 5 port Multi systems which offer smaller outdoor footprints and longer pipe runs.


All products come with a 6 year warranty (subject to company registration)

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