Service Plus AC & Heating - February 2019


ASK THE OWNER Hear From Jimmy Cayton on Business and Life

she’d probably tell you how I proposed. Our dating anniversary is on Christmas Eve, so after one year of dating, we came full circle to that date. It was the first time both our families had been together, so everyone was there. I had been saving for six months to buy an engagement ring. I bought a dozen roses, and in front of both our families, I got down on one knee and proposed. Not very many people knew it was going to happen, so it was quite the reaction.” Q: Groundhog Day came out in February 1993. What’s your favorite Bill Murray movie? A: “Stripes has to be a frontrunner. I like all the movies he’s in, but John Candy is also great in Stripes as well.” Q: Heat pumps seem to be very common in the area. Is there anything better for our climate? A: “Our area only has a few colder weeks compared to, say, Georgia or Miami. The further north you go, the more you see gas heaters, and the further south you go, the more you see electric. Electric is not efficient. It uses twice the electricity as an air- conditioner. Some parts of old Orlando

will actually run oil burners from the '50s, and those are a pain.”

Q: If you had to leave work with one tool, what would it be?

A: “I have to take my electric multimeter. Much of what we do is electrical, so to diagnose properly, we need to test where there is electricity. Since you can’t see electrical current, the meter is indispensable.” Q: In all your years out in the field, what’s the best work rig you’ve ever owned? A: “The one I have now is amazing. Every time my daughter gets in it, she thinks she’s in a spaceship. It’s a Ram Promaster. The front windshield is gigantic. The engine actually sits over the cab, so it’s in the middle of the car. It’s actually the vehicle of choice for Amazon delivery, so when I pull up to people’s houses, they’ll ask me if I’m delivering their packages." Stay tuned next month to learn all the unique tips and tricks from the team at Service Plus. March is the start of spring, so be on the lookout for some tips to save on your air-conditioning bill.

To grow closer with our clients and develop more meaningful relationships, we wanted to start a series this year called “Ask the Owner.” Each month, we’ll ask Jimmy Cayton or someone at Service Plus AC & Heating some questions on what’s going on in business and life. This February has some fun insights, and we’re really excited to share Jimmy’s responses. Q: Since it’s Valentine’s Day, what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your wife? A: “We’ve been together for almost 24 years now, so the idea of romance has changed slightly, but if you asked her,


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