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Fall Fixes for Your Home and Garden

You might think that home improvement projects are reserved exclusively for the warmer spring and summer months. After all, you hear all about spring cleaning and summer blowouts, but what about the other half of the year? If you’re looking to spruce up your indoor and outdoor living space for the fall, here are some good places to start. Go for the Gutter: You may not know it, but your gutter drainage system diverts thousands of gallons away from your home annually. Make sure that system is running smoothly by inspecting your gutters for leaves and other obstructions. Mind the Gaps: Don’t let all the warm air get out! Seal gaps and cracks around windows with weatherstripping and caulk to stay warm and toasty. Raise the Roof: If you’re in an area that gets heavy snow or rainfall, have your roof professionally inspected to be sure nothing comes through curled shingles or leaky vents. Dust the Filters: Don’t let last year’s dirt become this year’s problem. Clogged filters can prevent warm air from circulating properly throughout the house, so grab a dust rag and clean them out.

Chim chim-er-ey: If you have a traditional fireplace, have it professionally inspected before you burn those logs. Taking precautions now will ensure you have safely flickering flames for the whole season. Adjust the Outdoors: If your flower boxes have some flower remnants remaining, dig them out and replace them with heartier, winter-ready greener This will help add color and natural flare. Also, if you have a fire pit in the yard, give it a good cleaning. Then fill it with well-seasoned hardwood for those impromptu marshmallow roasts. Humidify Your Space: The bone-chilling winter air isn’t just bad for your health it’s bad for your house. Dry, cold air makes fine wood more prone to cracking, so keep up a central humidifier running to balance things out. Clean Up: Most of all, you want your home to feel fresh, and you can’t do that if you’ve got the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens hanging around. Take an inventory and throw out all your outdated magazines and newspapers. Furthermore, go through your cleaning products and throw o expired chemicals. Keep your heaters, furnaces, and other heating produc clear of clutter.

Bauman Farming Lane Johnson Employee Highlight Client Testimonial

“For 40 years, we’ve built our family farming business with John Deere. We’ve purchased and upgraded all of our equipment exclusively from Gardner’s and now KSR. Every employee from the sales,

Lane Johnson is the newest member of the KSR sales staff at our Lacon location. Lane was born in Benson, Illinois, and grew up on his family’s farm. He graduated from ICC this past spring with a degree in agricultural business. In his free time, Lane enjoys snowmobiling, boating, and working on antique farm equipment. He has one of the first self- propelled combines that Deere made, a 1951

service, and parts department has always treated us with the utmost respect and taken care of our needs and wants in a timely manner. We would recommend KSR to anyone who would expect the same things. We love family-owned and -operated businesses, because that’s what we are. Thanks to everyone at KSR for your outstanding work and dedication to taking care of farmers every day!”

No. 55. The combine was in very good original condition, and the previous owner had the original paperwork from when it was purchased new in 1952. He bought the combine to harvest six acres his grandpa gave him for his FFA project, and he still uses it to harvest five to 10 acres of beans a year. Lane did his college internship in Lacon earlier this spring, and we saw firsthand the asset that he is to the KSR group! We were very excited when h accepted our offer to become a full-time salesperson.

–Rick and Karen Bauman (Bauman Farming)

Welcome, Lane, to the KSR family. We enjoy working with you!

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