Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

You Know What... Steve Zera Retires by Jeff Meiners For those that work with Steve, you might recognize that phrase – you know what – as one that he often leads with when making a point. After nearly 37 years of employment with Crest, his final “you know what” at work will be that it is time to retire. Steve is the classic example of a person who worked his way through the system using a combination of skill, dedication and desire to reach the top of his profession. His evolution at Crest started with establishing and managing a parts room to Purchasing to ultimately being our Facilities

Celebrating the Life of Guyla Pfeiffer by Jeff Meiners The Crest family was saddened to hear of the passing of Guyla Pfeiffer at the age of 101. She was truly one of the most endearing people who we have had the pleasure of working with. She began her work career at Crest at the age of 49 and a mere 47 years later she de - cided it was time to slow down a bit and retire at the age of 96. Those 47 years were spent on the production line where she worked on her feet all day until she retired...again at the age of 96! She could seemingly do a very physical job with little effort and was a true inspiration to many. This sweet, feisty, driven and fiercely independent little lady captured the hearts of those she worked with. Guyla was a farm wife first who tended to many of the chores on the family farm for years. It was in that setting that she raised her family and was an integral part of her grandchildren’s lives as well. She was the proud manager of a huge garden that she tended until the day she passed. If Norman Rockwell would have tried to capture the sense of the Midwestern-rural farm life ethic…Guyla would have been the perfect person to be featured in the pic- ture. We’re better people for having known her and feel privileged that she chose to share so much of her life with us. Rest in peace Guyla Pfeiffer…but knowing Guyla, her vision of eternity would have little to do with resting. Engineer. His most recent position found him responsible for the management of over one million square feet of facilities along with all of the grounds. These responsibilities meant that weekend work was almost a given and be- ing on call 24/7 was a necessity. Our facilities have never been in better shape and Steve was at the forefront of making that happen. He was most recently charged with the responsibility of building a new production area for packaging in the middle of our warehouse – with a very short lead time – in the middle of a pandemic. The results were nothing short of amazing and the amount of planning and effort on Steve’s part that went into making that happen is nothing short of amazing as well. We will certainly miss Steve and all that he has done for Crest, but he has left his department in very good hands. We can’t thank him enough for all he has done for Crest over his career and being a part of the Crest Culture that makes us a unique place. Best of luck in your retirement Steve…you have certainly earned it.

Co-workers and friends of Carol Milens purchased a tree to plant at Crest Foods in her honor. Carol worked at Crest Foods for over 40 years in the Accounting Depart- ment before she passed away last year. The plaque on the rock reads: In memory of Carol Milens. A friend and co-worker for over 40 years who treated all with kindness and respect. January 18th marked 11 years since we lost Stephanie Bormes (Production Supervisor) in a car accident. Co-workers will always remember her big smile and upbeat attitude. May she continue to rest in peace.

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