Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

Thank You, Veterans

Regina Cortez, R&D Project Manager US Navy, 8 years David Henrikson, QA B Army, 4 years Jeannie Carter, QA A Army National Guard, 6 years Marc Smith, Mix B Army, 5 years John Van Dyke, Maintenance C USAF, 20 years Frank Malston, Maintenance C USMC, 6 years Katrina Berogan, QA A USMC, 5 years Doug Carolous Sr., Sanitation B US Navy, 20 years

Ray Van Drew, Warehouse B Army, 9 years Bob Ziankowski, Ingredient Production C USMC, 4 years Joe Loomis, Ingredient Warehouse A US Army, 8 years Brian Beckman, Maintenance Manager Army, 12 years Ken Franchino, Production A Army, 9 years and still active Calvin Bennett, Production A Navy, 1 ½ years Kim Gallagher, Maintenance A Army, 3 ½ years Bernie Iwema, Karlin Warehouse B Air Force

I Would Walk 500 Miles... by Savannah Fagan And that’s exactly what many of the Crest Foods Walking Club members are doing to raise money for a charity of their choice. With the pandemic canceling the majority of local 5K races this year, the club leaders had to come up with a new way for everyone to participate in what has become a much loved yearly tradition. The solution; log sheets and an app for phones called Strava for anyone who wanted to participate by walking, running or biking to donate up to $1,000 for a local charity of their choice. Each mile walked or ran raises $1 and each biked raises $0.50. As of September 10th, $10,389.83 has been raised by the 82 regis- tered participants. It may not be a normal year, but we are incred- ibly lucky to have the opportunity to continue raising money for local charities!

Jamie Cooper

Emily Plapp

Deven Sterbenz

Kristina McWethy

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