Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention by Karen Yardley

We had a lot of fun last year with our SLIP TRIP and FALL prevention campaign and while that is a part of our culture here at Crest the more important goal is to get the mes- sage out about reducing the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries. This year, we kicked off the campaign by focusing on the hazards we might encounter within the building. Savannah Fagan willingly volunteered to help us with the campaign again and she convinced Jon Bakener to suit up as well. Again we tried to have a little fun as we illustrated the following situations that lead to slip, trip and fall accidents within our facilities and how we can prevent them - • WET FLOOR - Spilled liquids or other hazards on the floor should be cleaned up immediately or reported to Sanitation as soon as identified. • CORDS, HOSES - Keep electrical cords and air lines up off the floor.

• PALLETS - Empty pallets should be stored horizontally in the appropriate location. Pallets should be inspected before being used. If at all possible, pallets should not be stepped on. If you need to step on a pallet to reach supplies, inspect the pallet first and make sure it is safe to do so. All packing straps shall be removed from pallets as soon as the pallet is positioned. • STOOLS – Inspect the stool for damage. Use caution when transferring from a standing to a sitting position – make sure the stool is stable and all four legs are on the floor or other solid surface. • PRODUCT (POUCHES, CARTONS, PASTA, POWDER, BOXES) - Sweep the floor whenever you have an opportunity to keep pasta, powder, cartons and pouches from becoming slip hazards. Too much prod - uct on the floor can also cause equipment like ladders and web lifters to slip and result in an accident. • STAIRS (UNEVEN SURFACES , RAMPS) – Pay attention when walking up and down stairs, use extra caution when carrying items up and down stairs or better yet, use an elevator to move supplies whenever pos - sible so you can use the handrail on the stairs. Be aware we do have a few uneven surfaces here at Crest - Hall - ways to Lines 35 – 37, to Lines 1 – 3, Ramp to Mix Facility.

Now here’s some bad banana humor: We have a “bunch” of reasons to remind you to be aware of slip, trip and fall hazards – most importantly, your safety! Because we like you a “bunch”, we want to remind you to be aware

of slip, trip and fall hazards! We are “a-peeling” to you to work safe and to be aware of slip, trip and fall hazards! When conditions are “ripe” for slips, trips and falls, please be aware and use caution! December will bring winter weather – whether we like it or not so be prepared! • Ensure you have access to weather advisory alert systems. • Tune-up snow blowers and other snow removal equipment or consider hiring a snow removal contractor. • Maintain a supply of salt, sand and/or other ice melters. • Obtain proper footwear (boots, ice cleats, indoor shoes). • Walk like a penguin on slippery surfaces! • Pay attention to slip/trip/fall advisories at entrances. • Be sure to use the entryway mats to dry your feet when entering the building.

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