Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

On the Road Again...NOT! by Steve Meiners Although things are slowly starting to open up a bit for our Sales and Technical Service people we are still pretty much grounded when it comes to being involved in person with our customers. I thought I would give you a little glimpse of how life has changed for our road warriors. The Sales and Tech Service team is 15 people strong. This group is very used to being on the road with most of their time being spent with customers and prospects, in motels or on airplanes. Or were used to being on the road. Since early March they have been adapting to working at home. They have traded time on Southwest jets, in Bud- get rental cars and sleeping in Hampton Inns for time in their own homes in newly created home offices with shared space issues. They have gone from hours of face to face interaction to hours of virtual interaction. In short, they have had to recreate how we provide service to our customers because, for the moment, the way we operated in the past is not possible. I am pleased to say that we have adapted. The virtual world is different but we have been able to work on projects, provide training events and even participate live on some trial runs (virtually live of course). All team members have objectives to enhance our virtual presence as we get used to this ‘new norm’ that unfortunately appears to be something that might be with us for some time. The good news for customers is that we are still here…and we service what we sell! Here is hoping we can get back to seeing everyone again soon. Anything else different with this group? Here is a top five list of things I have heard. #5 Household food budgets are up now that one family member is off an expense account. #4 Dogs no longer bark and cats no longer hide when a sales or tech person arrives home. #3 Laundry day not only has more jeans and T’s but it also takes less time than before. #2 To Do lists are finally getting done. #1 The most common end of the week greeting from a spouse has changed from ‘Welcome Home Honey’ to ‘Don’t you have somewhere to go next week?’. Connect with Crest We have expanded our online presence by launching two new social media accounts. Now you can connect with Crest Foods on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to LinkedIn. Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Follow us online for a behind the scenes look at the many faces of Crest Foods. You won’t want to miss a moment!

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