Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

Holidays at Crest 2020 Style

by Jeff Meiners

The Christmas season has always been an important part of our holiday experience at Crest as employees enjoy six paid days off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s along with Christmas bonuses, turkeys, dinners, raffles and a number of other get-togethers that go with the season. We had to get a little creative on how we celebrated the season at Crest this year while doing all of the things necessary to keep us healthy. We hope we were still a positive part of everyone’s Christmas season. Our modified plans for the year included all employees receiving a turkey, 6 paid holidays (2 at Thanksgiving, 2 at Christmas, 2 at New Year’s), Christmas bo- nuses, all employees received an ugly Crest Christmas shirt, and we had our first ever Friday drawings for either $1000 or a car! Sorry, we just couldn’t figure out a way to make the dinners work this year. Karlin Foods still wanted to make sure that a little comfort food was available for the cold winter, so they generously made mashed potatoes and family sized deluxe mac and cheese available to all. (We appreciate our long term relationship with Mitch Karlin and crew who are very grateful for all the effort that has been put into making product for them under difficult circumstances.) We also didn’t give up on the Christmas video, and even though it is so much more fun with big groups singing…we had to modify with pictures. We hope everyone enjoyed the season – it was a little different and maybe difficult, but good can be found in any- thing if you look for it and we hope you find much to be thankful for and celebrate in the coming months.

Art Moreno (QA B) $1000 Winner

Bailey Smith (Ingredient C) $1000 Winner

Nate Schubert (Mix A) $1000 Winner

Caleb Henson (Production B) $1000 Winner Car Winner Ray O’Dell (Warehouse A)

Neveen Alfarraj (Prodution A) $1000 Winner

Bob VanRaden (Production B) $1000 Winner

Robert Jones (Mix A) $1000 Winner

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