in your first year in office, especially alone. Her first year of work also highlighted the importance of agriculture and the agriculture economy to her district and the nation. “Anytime there is any type of request or proposal, I always ask, ‘How does this impact my Senate district’,” she stated. Senator Hurtado recognizes and understands the needs of her constituents and relentlessly strives to accommodate those needs. “I want what my district wants. My district wants jobs, they want healthcare, and they want water.” California’s 14th Senate District is heavily populated with key agricultural production areas, including parts of Fresno, Kern and Tulare counties and all of Kings County. As a product of her hometown, agriculture has had an undeniable impact on Hurtado since her childhood. Representing such a heavy ag district now, she has a special relationship and an evolving perspective of agriculture. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, issues surrounding agricultural essentials, such as water, are top priority now more than ever. Hurtado and her aides have been speaking with locals to address issues as they arise; collaborating with city officials to secure additional beds and resources; and working with Governor Gavin Newsom to secure funding to mitigate the spread of the virus. More specifically, as the pandemic continues to plague the world, Hurtado is focused on catering to the needs of growers in her district so they can continue growing the safe and nutritious fruits, vegetables and nuts that feed the world. The senator maintains an open line of communication with growers and ranchers in the district, providing them with a way to address their grievances. Prior to COVID-19, Senator Hurtado and some of her colleagues were spearheading awareness efforts regarding California’s water supply—as seen through California Senate Bill 559 (SB 559), a bipartisan bill seeking to address the failing infrastructure of the Friant-Kern Canal. Despite the pandemic, she continues to strategize ways to secure funding for SB 559 to ensure that growers have the water supply necessary to feed the world. The virus has made it hard for anyone to find downtime, especially politicians. But when she does manage to find leisure time, Senator Hurtado prefers to spend it hiking or reading a book.

With her first term underway, Senator Hurtado has plenty of time in the California State Senate. However, when it ends and she has completed her service, the one thing she hopes people remember about her is her determination. She wants her legacy to reflect her caring spirit. “I want to be remembered as

someone who cares about everybody, from producers to workers. I want to be remembered as someone fair,” said Hurtado. “I want to make sure that when I leave office, our local economy is strong and that our families have access to good jobs and quality education and healthcare. I want our community to be well.”

We can accomplish a few things alone, however, we can accomplish many things with others. Mellon Farms celebrates 75 years of farming, but perhaps more importantly we are celebrating 75 years of outstanding Partnerships. For that we are grateful.



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