DriTech - April 2021


doesn’t happen and something goes wrong, the manufacturer won’t honor their end of the warranty. In those situations, the installer can sometimes end up caught between the manufacturer and the client. We install products to warranty standards often, so our team easily met the challenge. One of the greatest compliments a company like ours can be paid is a request to do tricky work. Between the tight schedule, the Berridge warranty requirements, and the custom colors, we knew the client didn’t have too many others they could trust to do the job right. Dri Tech appreciates that trust and, as always, appreciates the challenge of working on a job that’s worth doing. The Animal Foundation

One of the things our team prides itself on is accomplishing our work on time and to spec so we can ensure that our clients meet their schedule deadlines, too. But sometimes, that’s more difficult than others; delays can happen for all sorts of reasons,

from supplies getting held up to last-minute changes coming in from clients. This project for The Animal Foundation was on a tight schedule, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle! We met the challenge of sourcing and installing three different custom colors for the standing seam roofs and also were tasked with radius column covers. Using three custom colors is a lot, but we got everything coordinated in time to meet our project deadline. Once on-site, we had further criteria to meet. This project required a water tightness warranty, which means that the products have to be installed exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. If that


At the Round Table


One reason we love our Vegas Golden Knights is for their dedication to charity. Anywhere you look, they’re involved in giving back,

whether it’s publicizing a Silver Knights’ charity raffle or reading books to school kids for their reading week just last month. Last fall, we saw the 13 Days and Knights of Giving annual charity event, as well as the Knights’ turkey giveaway for Thanksgiving, which makes sure that local families who couldn’t afford a “real” dinner were able to enjoy a nice holiday with plenty of food. In today’s world, everyone from sports teams to politicians has to “talk the talk.” The Knights — and their charity-oriented Golden Knights Foundation — go so much further than talk. We can’t help but get excited about this because it’s what happens when you genuinely love giving back, like they do: Your energy spreads to others! This spring, we’re thankful that our Golden Knights love our community!







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