Our View

“Could the club be a bit more transparent about what’s going on with the new stand. If they don’t want to do it then we’d understand (although we desperately need it!) I think the comms around the Heatherwick commission were botched and we don’t get any regular updates as to what’s going on.” “ I think making the Hammersmith end (or at least a section of it) safe-standing would improve the atmosphere. Also keeping the small allocation for away teams like we saw in the Reading home leg with the rest of the end being Fulham fans rather than neutrals would also help with this.”

“I dislike how there is so much rubbish in the program. We should try to have more interviews and stuff like that. Also we shouldn’t have to pay for fulhamtv. It’s just to get some extra money, surely they can get that by selling more club merchandise?”

“Poor Service: Hi, I sent an email to the club about 4 or 5 weeks ago to complain about being charged over £50 by Vodafone trying to get through to the ticket hotline for play off tickets. The hotline message said press option 1 for tickets but it was constantly engaged and I had to keep re-dialling for over an hour. When I eventually got through, the message said call back and press option 2 !!! I got straight through then but missed out on tickets by 2 minutes and ended up with a massive phone bill. I’m a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder and really feel let down by the club over this. Especially the non response.”

“What’s in place to remove the pillars in the Hammersmith End (Green Pole)”

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