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You Can’t Beat the Green of Spring

Spring is finally here! Last spring was a bust for a lot of people — many businesses were closed, and there were many restrictions in place. Today, people are being vaccinated, more businesses are reopening, and things are feeling just a bit more normal. As people start to venture outside and grow comfortable with the idea of doing more, it’s easy to see how much has changed. I’m not just talking about the political landscape, the economy, or our community in general. I’m talking about the environment. Over the last year, there has been less human intervention. I was reading an article recently about how our area tree canopy had diminished by 7%–8% over the past several years. Going into this year, things are looking a little greener. Our local Holden Arboretum in Kirtland is helping that along. They recently started up a “re-greening” initiative called People for Trees. Their goal, along with community help, is to plant 15,000 new trees throughout Northeast Ohio by 2025.

in your own yard? I know some of the yards in the area lost trees during the heavy snow this winter, so it might be worth looking into replacing them. Trees are always a worthy addition to a yard. They help provide shade, increase property value, and are homes for wildlife. Plus, buying new trees, flowers, and other plants helps stimulate the local economy. We get to support our local nurseries and greenhouses. And if you need trees trimmed or maintained, there are local tree service companies that can help. When you think about it, planting new trees makes a sizable impact on the environment and the community. As the weather improves, I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors. One way to get outside more often is to get moving! Last year, I traded in my riding lawn mower for a push-spin mower. I get about 2 1/2 miles of walking each time I mow in the same amount of time it took me on the riding mower. And there’s no motor — it’s practically silent! So now, I’m getting more physical activity and not breathing in noxious

fumes. There was another interesting “side effect” of this change. I noticed that I started talking to more of my neighbors. As they walked past while I was mowing, they would wave and strike up a conversation. The push mower was not only environmentally friendly, it helped me get more exercise and made me a better neighbor! This spring, I encourage you to make a change or do something that benefits your own neighborhood or community. It could be planting a new tree or two. It could be starting a new walking regimen around the neighborhood. Or maybe you can do what I did and get rid of the power mower for something more friendly for the environment. And then, as we go into summer, we can breathe a little better and know we’ve made a difference, even if it’s a small one.

-Dr. Jason Schermer

In honor of Earth Day on April 22 and Arbor Day on April 30, why not plant a few trees



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3 Safe April Fools’ Pranks Your Kids Will Love DITCH THE DANGER AND PLAN FAMILY-FRIENDLY FUN

Every year, a prankster makes headlines on April Fools’ Day for taking their joke too far. In 2001, a DJ in England famously broadcast that he’d spotted a replica of the Titanic floating off the coast. Hundreds of people scrambled to the spot, and their combined weight actually caused a cliff to collapse into the ocean! Luckily no one was hurt, but a Montana man who played a different joke years later wasn’t so lucky. He donned a Sasquatch outfit and leapt from the forest to scare travelers. Unfortunately, he traumatized two teens so much that they lost control of their car and ran him over. If you’re a prankster, you can probably understand what drove the radio DJ and Sasquatch to their doom. It’s easy to go down the April Fools’ rabbit hole and plan a prank that’s too elaborate for adults, let alone your kids. But don’t worry — the internet is full of funny ways to introduce your little ones to the holiday safely. Instead of concocting a potentially harmful prank, try one of these harmless jokes instead, courtesy of Parenting magazine. 1. The Undrinkable Juice You know what looks a lot like grape juice? Grape jello! To baffle your toddler (or even your 10-year-old), make a batch of jello and let it set in a juice glass. When they try to drink it later, enjoy the hilarity that ensues. 2. Rocks — It’s What’s for Dinner! If you want to confuse and horrify your kids, scatter chocolate rock candy (treats that look like real rocks) in the backyard before dinner. Then, when it’s time to eat, head outside and chow down on a handful of “rocks.” Your kids’ faces will be priceless! (Visit Nuts.com to score this candy for $8.99 per pound.) 3. Stinky Caramel ‘Apples’ Everyone loves caramel apples, but caramel- covered onions … not so much. This April Fools’ Day, swap the tasty fruit for its smelly vegetable counterpart and watch as everyone in the house falls for your trick! These are just a few pranks you can have up your sleeve for April Fools’ — or any day of the week. For even more hilarious ideas, check out the book “Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet!” from your local library.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Dr. Schermer and his staff provide an exceptional experience at their practice. Everyone in the office is friendly, caring, and professional, which, in turn, makes an anxiety-ridden patient like myself feel at ease. The office is clean and modern and utilizes the latest technology. Treatment and payment options are explained clearly and in depth so you can confidently make the best decision to suit your needs. Highly recommended!” -Joe F.


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The American Dental Association reports that over 51,500 people are diagnosed with a form of oral cancer every year. This includes cancers of the mouth, throat, tonsils, and tongue. These types of cancers can often be identified during a routine dental exam. When you come in for your check-up, that’s exactly what we do. While there are different ways to check for oral cancers, including visual and feel checks, we use an advanced method to screen for oral cancers with the VELscope Enhanced Oral Screening System. If you’re an Exceptional Smiles patient, you may already be familiar with the VELscope device. It’s a handheld instrument that projects a special fluorescent light onto soft tissue — in this case, tissue within the mouth. The light is able to highlight features within the mouth that are not typically visible to the naked eye. This includes abnormalities under the skin, such as potentially cancerous growths or formations. With most types of cancer, the earlier it’s detected, the better!

Of course, while the VELscope is a great tool that helps us identify potential issues, you can perform oral checks right at home and in between visits to the dentist. At least once a month, check your mouth, throat, and tongue to look for any new or odd sores, growths, hard spots, or spots that do not heal within 12–14 days. Additionally, conduct an external check. Feel your neck and jaw for lumps, tender spots, or other abnormalities that have appeared recently and do not appear to be healing or going away. And that’s really the big thing you’re looking for — odd or strange sores or lumps that recently formed, yet don’t appear to be healing. If you do find something out of the ordinary or you aren’t sure, we recommend making an appointment. A visit to the dentist can help you determine your best next step and if there is anything that needs to be checked out further. Come see us in the month of April for a free VELscope oral cancer screening!

Scan this QR code to see a video of our team member Janae talking about Oral Cancer Awareness Month and the tools we use!

Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner


Ingredients •

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch chunks 2 medium sweet potatoes, cut into 1-inch chunks

• • • • • •

2 tbsp canola oil 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp honey

• •

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 1 large head of broccoli, cut into florets

1/4 tsp pepper

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 425 F. 2. On a large baking sheet, combine chicken, sweet potatoes, salt, and pepper. Drizzle with oil and toss to coat. 3. Bake for 15 minutes. In the meantime, make the sauce by combining the soy sauce, lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper. 4. Remove pan from oven and use a spatula to flip the chicken and potatoes, then add broccoli florets. 5. Drizzle sauce evenly over top and return to the oven to bake for an additional 15 minutes or until chicken has an internal temperature of 165 F and vegetables are fork-tender. Inspired by TheSpruceEats.com

If you would like your favorite joke featured, email Office@ExceptionalSmiles.com . You may see it in our next issue! Pilgrims!





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Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

How Lulu the Pig Saved Her Owner From a Heart Attack


According to animal experts, pigs are smarter than any other domestic animal, including cats and dogs. That may seem hard to believe, as you probably associate pigs with a pink, smelly animal that oinks and rolls around in the muck. However, the story of how Lulu the pot-bellied pig saved her owner’s life might persuade you to reconsider. Back in 1998 (otherwise this story would have certainly gone viral), Lulu the pig was a permanent fixture at Jo Ann and Jack Altsman’s property in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. They had initially only taken Lulu from her original owner, the Altsmans’ daughter, for a temporary stay, but they ended up bonding with Lulu, and she was with them for much longer than expected. On Aug. 4, Jo Ann suffered from a heart attack. Jack was out of town on a fishing trip, and even though Jo Ann cried for help and even threw an alarm clock out the window, no one heard her cries from their somewhat secluded home. The family’s dog, Bear, barked and barked to no avail. Lulu, however, knew Jo Ann needed help quickly and waddled into action. Lulu made her way to the nearest road, scraping her skin in the process and leaving it torn and bleeding. Once she reached the road, she laid down as if to play dead. Not long after that, a passing driver saw Lulu and stopped to check on her. Once Lulu was sure she had the driver’s attention, she got up and waddled back toward her home, leading the driver to where Jo Ann lay on the floor.

When the driver found Jo Ann, he immediately called 911, and emergency services took her to a medical center for open-heart surgery. Had just 15 more minutes passed without help, Jo Ann would have died. For her heroism, Lulu received the Tiffany gold hero’s medal from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and made multiple television appearances as her fame spread. Hopefully, she was smart enough to know just how much she was appreciated.


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