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In high school, I lived for soccer. Then, I got injured — I tore my ACL — and my soccer- playing future suddenly had a big question mark looming over it. Not knowing how that injury would affect my plans was frustrating and scary, and I know many of you can relate. Unsure of what the future held, I started going to physical therapy. The care I received at my physical therapist’s office positively affected my life in several ways. The most immediate result was that I completely recovered from my ACL injury; I was down and out for a while, but it didn’t have a long-term impact on my ability to play soccer. Not only was I able to play for the rest of high school, I also went on to be a starter on the Louisiana College soccer team for all four years of my undergraduate education.

But a longer-term benefit of getting physical therapy back in high school was the exposure to the field and the realization that this was something that interested me. While I was playing college soccer, I was also majoring in biology. And in 2006, I graduated with my masters in physical therapy and started practicing while I worked on my doctorate. In the decade-plus that I’ve been a physical therapist, I’ve been privileged every day to come in to work and help people heal. A lot of people don’t realize that physical therapy is capable of treating a wide variety of conditions. I specialize in patients with neurological diagnoses, such as those recovering from a stroke or dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Of course, we see plenty of ACL tears and tennis elbow, as well, but

that’s just the surface of what we’re able to treat. In every case, we want to return people to health so they can enjoy the things in life that they want to. My own pleasures in life have shifted; with a young family, I’m not playing too much soccer anymore. But my husband and I love running around with the kids, taking them to their own soccer practices — or basketball, baseball, or dance! When I can, I like to get outdoors or maybe catch an LSU baseball game. I know my patients enjoy a greater quality of life after receiving treatment, and that, in turn, gives me satisfaction and fulfillment in my own life.

Happy Fourth of July,

-Julia Harrison-Sketo

A lot of people don’t realize that physical therapy is capable of treating a wide variety of conditions.

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