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G reen B uildings

AMILTON, NJ — A little over two years ago, when Princetel, a Crowd of over 70 people join the ribbon-cutting ceremony Fiber-optic rotary joint manufacturer Princetel celebrates newly ‘green’ renovated facility H

mitment to art, manufacturing and sustainability, a theme that was emblazoned on a banner that hung above the speakers as they cut the ceremonial ribbon. “Given all the challenges, we were undaunted,” said Zhang to the crowd of over 70 people, in- cluding employees, project part- ners, local politicians, and dig- nitaries. “We were determined to achieve our lofty goals.” Hamilton Mayor John Ben- civengo, N.J. Assemblyman Daniel Benson, N.J. Senator Linda Greenstein and Jamie Hahn, co-founder and manag- ing director of Solis Partners

also spoke at the event. The latest achievement and a major focus of the event was Princetel’s rooftop solar photo- voltaic (PV) system, which was designed, engineered and con- structed by Manasquan, N.J.- based Solis Partners, a leading commercial solar integrator in New Jersey. Solis Partners has demonstrated a strong track with installing commercial solar PV systems throughout the state. “Solis Partners is pleased to have helped Princetel set their environmental bar even higher by incorporating another environmentally responsible practice into their day-to-day operation here in Hamilton,” said Hahn, who addressed the crowd. “Princetel’s commitment to optimizing clean energy gen- eration and resource efficiency is an important testament to their initiatives and strategies to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.” The system was designed to cover 100 percent of Princetel’s electricity needs, and accord- ing to Zhang, the solar energy produced inMay was four times the amount consumed. “That’s because the building was only half occupied, but it’s clear that our system is more efficient than anticipated and is per- forming well, to say the least,” he added. Princetel eventually plans to occupy the entire fa- cility. The system consists of 932 solar panels, which are ex- pected to produce approxi- mately 223,182 kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year of operation. This equates to the reduction of more than 339,284 pounds of CO2 emis- sions, which is the equivalent of offsetting the power demand of 19 residential homes or re- moving 30 cars from the road each year. Another green initiative, which was also celebrated at the event, included a major site remediation during which soil from the 3.2-acre brown field property was removed and re- placed, including the soil from underneath the building. As a result of these green initiatives, Princetel is seeking Leader in Energy and Environ- mental Design or LEED “Gold” accreditation, a recognition awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. n

fiber-optic rotary joint manufac- turer, was looking to relocate its headquarters, it was attracted to Hamilton by its centralized location, large labor pool and the building’s location in the heart of the township’s desig- nated Art and Culture district. However, with those at- tractions came a fair share of obstacles, said Barry Zhang, CEO of Princetel, at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the overcoming of those obstacles through the celebration of Princetel’s com-

A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at Princetel, a fiber-optic rotary joint manufacturer in Hamilton, NJ which celebrated its newly ‘green’ renovated facility and rooftop solar system

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