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Stop the Meter....

...and Keep the Lights On!

 Collect Sizable State Grants  Reduce Energy Costs  Options with No Capital Investment  Provide Standby Power

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Features  Reliable, proven technology  Highly efficient  Environmentally sound with low emissions  Quiet operation

 Modular – scaleable into larger systems  Compact – easily fits in most buildings  Indoor/Outdoor installation  Ease of installation – no business disruption  U. L. listed  Remote monitoring and control  Digital display and user-friendly interface  Infinite system life with maintenance program  Electric and thermal load following  Modbus compatible for networking with building automation system  LEED point qualified Applications A CHP system provides significant energy cost savings and a great return on investment for many types of businesses including:

 Assisted Living Facilities  Nursing Homes  Senior Housing  Apartments & Condominiums  Schools & Institutions  Hospitals  Hotels  Athletic Clubs & Community Centers  Laundries  Industrial Facilities  Swimming Pools & Water Parks

For over 27 years, we at Aegis Energy Services have helped hundreds of customers reduce their energy costs by installing our highly efficient Combined Heat & Power systems.

877-903-5170 www .A egis e nergy s ervices . com

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