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worked a full shift, came back to pick me up, then drove 30 minutes home. There was nothing more important to him than making sure we had the most quality education around. No matter what, he was going to do whatever he could to open that door for us.

How My Dad Made Me Who I Am Today

Volunteerism has always been at the heart of who my father is. He’s a very giving

person, almost to a fault. He lives up north now in the mountains. Many of his neighbors have trouble getting a handyman

Father’s Day is a special time because I get the opportunity to show the appreciation I have for the dads in my life. Both my husband Mark and my father are wonderful dads. They aren’t the typical fathers you often see portrayed on television, but they love every bit as much — just in a different way. My father isn’t the most emotionally available man on the planet, but he demonstrates more love to my siblings and me than any other person I know. My dad has been in manual labor his entire life, primarily working as a plumber. This meant that growing up as the oldest of five kids presented some unique challenges. My father wanted only the best for us, but we had financial limitations. Where most families might see this as a setback, I view this as a huge benefit in my life. It taught me valuable lessons — ones instilled by my father. My dad was going to do anything it took to make sure we had the life he knew was possible. That meant if we committed to something, such as basketball, cheerleading, or band, we were thoroughly invested, no matter what. Whichever activity we were involved with, we were there and 100-percent committed.

because of the remote location, so he always gives his time to make sure their homes are taken care of. It’s his willingness to help others and the compassion of my mother that helped open my heart to people.

Mark has the same unwavering love for our son, Jay. Mark grew up in Argentina without the means to have the life he wanted. His bedroom had a

hole in the wall through which you could see outside. Mark’s father was emotionally closed off, and there were little remnants of that throughout his life. Jay changed all that and opened up Mark’s heart to a whole new world of love. Mark would do absolutely anything for our son, and he is determined to give Jay the life he never had. Dad, thank you for always having the belief in me that I could do anything. Thank you for making the sacrifices in your life to give us the chances you never had.

“My dad was going to do anything it took to make sure we had the life he knewwas possible.”

Mark, our son is going to grow up and reap the benefits of a fantastic life because of your passion for his well-being.

When I say my dad did everything possible to give us advantages in life, I mean it. My parents paid for me to go to Mater Dei, which was a reach financially for us. So what did my dad do? He volunteered his time as a plumber for the school to help offset costs. He drove 30 minutes in the opposite direction of his job to drop me off at school,

Whether they are blood relatives or not, I hope everyone takes a moment to say thank you to the fathers in their lives. Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way.

–Anna Serrambana

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