Y8 Bulletin 08.12.23


We are very excited about a unique opportunity to work with Dr Efi Spentzou at Royal Holloway University of London in an exploration of Greek mythology in a three part weekly workshop series starting after school on Monday 22 January. The workshop will focus on interactive activities, debates about the balance between civilization and nature giving the students an opportunity to channel their creativity into imagining new green areas in our school grounds. Students from KS3 are invited to apply before 20 December. Spaces are limited so please encourage your child to complete an application on their tutor group Google Classroom explaining why they want to attend.

Please contact us with any queries or problems you may have. To get in touch with a member of staff from your child’s year group, you can: Send an email to KS3@waldegravesch.org Or you can contact the school via phone by calling: 02088943244 WALDEGRAVE SCHOOL Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5LH HOW TO CONTACT YEAR 8 HEAD OF YEAR AND TUTORS

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