Manual Edge_Quickly Recover from Rotator Cuff Injury



GOOD PEOPLE BREAKING DOWN THE DOOR FOR AN APPOINTMENT! Two days prior to Christmas, I was in a treatment room and I heard a crash and felt the floor vibrate. I said to the patient “well that’s not good”. I thought a car had crashed into the bottom of our building on the Academy Blvd side. I figured if it was a problem for us, someone would let me know, and I secretly hoped that was the case. Val knocked on the treatment room door just as I finished that thought and said “Tim, we have an emergency”. I paused and she said “it’s a big emergency” so my secret hope was dashed. The result was what you see below. A mistake of the gas pedal for the brake. We are happy to report no one was injured and the temporary door will be replaced soon. While we realize getting an appointment can sometimes be frustrating, remember to call first and “not take matters into your own hands”...just kidding!

Tim Bonack


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