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company updates

what does this restructure mean? Our team is splitting into several regions with one Service and one Inspections Coordinator focusing on each region. You will continue to utilize your customer-specific email addresses for any requests/questions. This change in our structure will improve our communication and workflow process with your team. To learn more, click on the image below for additional details! regional restructure a change to better serve our customers

employee spotlight:

brandon anderson Internal transformation pm

He’s got the road map to our success Using his business analysis skills, Brandon is constantly finding more effiicient ways to make things easier on our employees

and customers. He leads us through projects and initiatives seamlessly. where there’s a will, there’s a way Brandon handles a high volume of work with detailed organization skills, excellent follow-up, and persistence when things get tough. He possesses strong business analyst skills that allow him to be successful in his role, no matter what is thrown his way. making ideas reality He transforms our business initiative ideas into reality. This allows us to operate more efficiently, providing better information and higher quality performance to our customers. Fun Fact Brandon can really spit some lyrics when doing karaoke. One of his favorite songs to karaoke is I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys. He is also a gifted athlete and has starred on NSG’s sports teams throughout the years.

company updates

United way week working to serve our community what we are doing

faces in the field:

Nick Bourzikas WSFP | Dallas, TX

wellness initiatives getting healthier, one step at a time api nsg cares about wellness This year, our organization has taken many steps to improve the health and happiness of our employees. Studies show that sitting is the new smoking, which motivated us to get out of our chairs and on our feet. Besides spending time at many of the standing work stations throughout our office, we have implemented a “walking meeting” policy, and also hosted a steps competition using pedometers. Employees are able to schedule walking meetings when a computer is not needed for the meeting. This has encouraged many employees to get some fresh air and keep moving throughout the day! We plan to continue expanding upon these successful initiatives. Each year, our parent company APi Group partners with United Way for a week of fun and giving. We work together through volunteering and fundraising activities which include speed volunteering to pack snack packs and household necessity gift bags, a 5K run, cannedstruction food drive competition, and many others! Our goal is to raise $100,000 in donations towards United Way initiatives. For those that don’t know, United Way works to break the cycle of poverty so everyone can make the most of their lives. This is done through partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, donors, and volunteers to improve communities across the country. We are proud to be a United Way Partner. This year’s theme is football, fostering a comptitive giving spirit between departments. It’s almost time for kickoff! Follow us on social media for updates!

background Nick has worked with Western States Fire Protection for

approximately 15 years. He started in the Fort Worth office before it merged into the Dallas office. He is currently in

Service Sales/Estimation but formerly worked as a Foreman/Journeyman in the field with the Local 669 Union for WSFP. why he’s awesome Nick always brings his positive energy to the team, and customers. He finds it incredibly rewarding to receive a simple “thank you” from customers and be able to pass that positive feedback onto their team. tid bitS It was hard for him to choose his favorite band, so he picked four: Coldplay, The Killers, Pink Floyd, and Aerosmith. If he could meet with anyone it would be the cool, calm, and collected Clint Eastwood. Nick grew up watching his movies and thinks he would be an interesting character to hang with. He would eat PB&J sandwiches and cereal for the rest of his life if he had to pick, as he feels almost all food groups are covered with this combo. Finally, if he had to name an autobiography, it would be called “Living My Life”. Nick says you only get one life so he has always lived his with aggressive happiness and compassion. Life happens no matter what so you have to take the good with the bad. Now that folks, is pure inspiration! Thank you Nick!

industry updates

Augury pump detector this sensor has got your back what can it do for you?

There is now a new technology to allow for an early warning of pump failure. Sensors are placed on the pump that monitor for vibrations as the pump runs. The data is compared to the other weekly/monthly pump churns and reports are produced for the end user. If you are interested in adding predictive

technology to your fire pumps, please reach out to Ben McCurdy. For more information, check out this amazing technology here.


surge protection lightning threatens our critical technology keep your facility safe

In the event of a power surge or lightning strike, it is important that your critical electrical equipment is protected. A surge protector will do just that. It is designed to protect fire alarm panels from voltage spikes in facilities that have wires extending beyond the 4 walls of the building. Wires would be extended if you have an additional building on campus that is hooked up to the same panel, or if the panel is connected to telephone lines. Read more about how your facility could benefit from surge protection in this article by Joseph Cervantes of Space Age Electronics.

Code books learn more about the code books adopted in your area

knowledge is power Click here to clarify what code books are adopted in your area!

Your specific code questions cannot be answered here, but you will find the enforcement agencies along with their contact information. This information can then be used to reach out to the AHJ for specific questions and answers!

technology news

smart sprinklers are you smarter than a fire sprinkler?

employee spotlight: brandon mcgeary accounting specialist

sprinkler systems are upping their game Sprinklers have gotten smarter with a new operating update, making it easier to protect and put out fires in warehouses, while staying up to code. Using electronic sensors, your sprinkler systems can locate a fire and put it out more quickly. Multiple sensors validate a fire, activating several sprinkler heads that surround the fire to prevent spreading. To learn more about smart sprinklers and how they can better protect your warehouses, click here.

at your service Brandon has many roles on the accounting team, including compiling and submitting sales tax returns, administering

government job estimates, and customer billings, just to name a few. He has worked at APi NSG for 4 years, making him a key member of our team. A GOOD FIT Brandon has an extremely positive attitude and always has a smile on his face. He brings high energy and a strong work ethic each day. His sense of urgency and desire to be successful allow him to handle any requests efficiently and effectively. customer-focused RESULTs Brandon’s ability to handle a high volume of work with consistency and accuracy is one of his best attributes. He’s been able to step into some demanding situations and help get them running smoothly, which the customer and APi NSG appreciate. fun fact Brandon started with APi NSG when, at a career fair, he asked the Vice President if there were any internships in taxes available. Once the Vice President realized Brandon said taxes and not Texas, she knew he would be a perfect fit.

https://sprinklerage.com/sprinkler-system-think/ glow in the dark signs lighting your way to safety what you need to know There are new exit signs available that are made on plastic with a paint that glows in the dark. This new technology appears to be approved with permission from the local AHJ after reviewing the light source that would be “charging” the sign. There are several items that need to be checked before this will be approved at the site level according to NFPA codes: • The sign shall be continually illuminated and the charging illumination will be a reliable light source, as determined by authorities. • Photoluminescent signs need a specific minimum level and type of light on the face of the sign to ensure that it is charged for emergency operation. • These exit signs do not require an inspection and there is not a back-up battery to test. If you have questions about these signs, please contact Ben McCurdy until a formal statement has been released on these products.

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