dabbling with snow bikes since he was in high school and completed his first designs in 2005-2006. He told me he always hated putting his dirt bike away in the winter. After eight years of tinkering, he met a group of guys when he was a student at the University of Idaho who helped him make his designs a reality. That combined passion was really the big takeoff for us. When Randy knew there were other passionate riders who wanted the bike experience in the winter there was no looking back for him,” Stevens explained. When we spoke, Stevens had recently returned from the AIMExpo (American International Motorcycle Expo) in Orlando, Florida. It’s not the first time he’s represented snow bikes at an expo. “Booth 2537 was a popular one, that’s for sure,” he laughed. “Snow bikes are still somewhat of a new arrival. The first major snow bike company only started in 2007 and we’ve only been officially on the scene since our incorporation in early 2015. So you can imagine that riders are curious.” “Basically the first company on the scene was 2Moto,” Stevens continued. “They introduced the first after-market conversion kits to the market. They recognized the same thing that riders like Randy had: dirt bikers want a snow- mobile conversion system that can take them into more versatile conditions, into trees, into tight areas. That’s kind of how this got its start. Experience mixed with imagina-

“It’s also a smart, strategic business decision.”



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