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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.... That may be true for most people on the eve of Christmas but for my wife and I that isnt the case. My son, Noah, was born on September 1st weighing a hefty 8lbs and 9 ounces and changing my life forever. Hence no more quiet nights. Prior to him being born, I was excited, scared to death, nervous and every other feeling possible. I had no idea what to expect. After all, how do you prepare for something you have never experienced? Bringing a baby into this world is truly a miracle and I can confidently say that the past 4 months have been the best 4 months of my life. However, entering Fatherhood and writing this article has allowed me to reflect on the lessons I've learned thus far. I enjoyed fatherhood from the first second. Don’t get me wrong, I was always optimistic about fatherhood but scared for the first few months. Those months, in my mind, would be just an endless array of changing diapers and sleepless nights. How wrong I was: I found fatherhood surreal and joyous from literally the first second. Parenting a newborn is a heightened state of existence. As adults we get dressed, prepare for the day and often even arrive at our workplace before we’re fully awake. For babies, however, everything from looking left and right to burping to inhaling and exhaling is seen as an milestone. He drank a millilitre! He only spewed half a millilitre! The gratification of seeing my favourite person hungrily sucking down his first meal is greater than anything I’ve ever felt. I have never been so excited to stare at someone sleep or marvel at their laugh.

things related to their condition so I should have taken my own advice. However, I found myself googling 'When will my baby sleep through the night?' 'How often should a baby poop?' 'Why is my babies poop green?' If you need to know anything about being a father or managing your baby, run away from google as fast as you can! Another hard lesson learned is how frequently you visit Babies R' Us. Let’s be clear, I hate shopping but for some reason, the cashier at the local Babies R' Us knows me by my first name. I have spent more money at Babies R' Us in the past four months than any other non-food retailer in the history of my shopping career. However, the biggest thing I've learned is how quickly time moves. When you have your first child, other parents keep telling you, “they grow up so fast. Enjoy it.” This was the most common piece of advice I had received prior to Noah being born, but at the time I couldn't truly understand it. In the last four months he has started smiling, laughing, and rolling. Now it makes a lot more sense to me and I started to think 'why didn’t somebody tell me this was going to happen?' My little boy is already on to the next thing, wide-eyed and gorgeous like he was in that hospital room, the very first time I held him in my trembling arms. However, my dad gave me some great advice when he said Fatherhood doesn't have to fly by if you live in the moment. Taking that advice, I try to be engaged in whatever it is that I'm doing, whether it's reading to Noah or strolling around town. Living in the moment allows me to feel more in control and able to enjoy every minute I have with my little guy!


Some lessons have to be learned the hard way and one of them being that Google isn't my friend. I always tell my patients not to google

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