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EXPLORE THE CHARMS OF BOULDER CITY Boulder City is a charming town only a 20–30 minute drive from the Valley and offers lots to do, including a number of artistic, historical, and outdoor attractions. It makes a great day trip for this time of year when temperatures are mild and crowds are smaller than during the summer.

Developed in the early 20th century, Boulder City functioned as a federal company town to house the workers who were building Boulder Dam, now called Hoover Dam. Boulder City’s historic downtown contains many of the original buildings that housed the dam workers throughout the 1930s, and these structures are still in use today. Walking through the town, you’ll get the chance to see each of these buildings that are now privately owned. The city is also currently one of only two in Nevada where gambling is illegal. You won’t find any casinos inside Boulder City, which might seem odd to some since it’s so close to Las Vegas. While the city itself is an incredible place to visit, there are many attractions in the surrounding area too. The first, and arguably most popular, destination nearby is the aforementioned Hoover Dam, a significant piece of Boulder City’s history and an astounding feat of architecture. The Nevada Southern Railway Museum is also located in Boulder City. This Museum boasts several restored train cars and a train ride in one of the refurbished coaches dating back to the 1930s. Passengers depart from the Nevada Southern Railway station and travel 3.5 miles west along the historic Boulder Branch line to Railroad Pass. Choose a ride in an open air car or an air conditioned/heated Pullman coach. All aboard! WHOSE PICKS WILL GO ALL THE WAY? March Madness Fun for the Whole Family One of the greatest things about March Madness is that you don’t have to be a huge college basketball fan to get in on the fun. Kids of all ages can fill out brackets — or have a parent fill one out for them — and watch their picks duke it out on the court. While healthy competition among family members can be fun all on its own, check out the following tips if you’re looking to go the extra mile and reap as much fun from March Madness as you can. TURN EACH GAME INTO AN EVENT. Not every kid may like watching basketball, but if they fill out a bracket, then they might gain at least a passing interest in who will win each game. To elevate their interest, turn each March Madness matchup into a little party. It doesn’t have to be fancy; make fun snacks to eat while you watch or bet pieces of candy on who will have the most points to create great family bonding opportunities.

You should also bring your hiking shoes because the area also has some great outdoor activities. Just outside the city on the way to Hoover Dam, you can visit the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail, which Tom and his family have visited on many occasions. The trail runs down a narrow slot canyon through towering cliffs. Keep an eye out for herds of bighorn sheep that roam the area. There are a series of hot springs and small pools along the trail that offer a nice warm soak after a long hike. The trail runs all the way down to the Colorado River, where plenty of other activities, including kayaking and boating, are popular. The water is ice cold because it’s just below Hoover Dam. It’s a great trail to experience, but it can be challenging in some areas that are inaccessible for young children or those with physical disabilities. All of us here at Askeroth Law Group encourage our readers to set a day aside this month to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful southern Nevada winter weather by visiting Boulder City for a day filled with fun and exploration.

REWARD THE WINNERS WITH PRIZES. Offer prizes to each round winner as well as the overall bracket winner to get the whole family involved. Small prize ideas for each round can include a homemade dinner of the winner’s choice, a week’s supply of their favorite snack, or a coupon for getting out of a chore. Whoever wins the whole tournament (or makes it the furthest with their bracket) deserves a bigger reward. Offer them the chance to see a movie of their choice in theaters or to eat a meal at their favorite restaurant. CREATE A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. Learning math or geography might not sound like your child’s idea of fun, but it can be when they learn it through the lens of March Madness. See if your kids would be interested in understanding the inner workings of the ranking system or studying where some of the qualifying colleges are located on a map of the United States. They may find it so interesting that they don’t even realize they’re learning valuable skills.


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