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MY LONG HISTORY IN SPORTS From Floor Hockey to Basketball

May is Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Athletics and fitness are something I hold near and dear to my heart, and not just because I’m a physical therapist. I have been playing sports all my life. When I was in elementary school, if there was a sport, I wanted to play it and be good at it. We had floor hockey, soccer, basketball, and even flag football. As a kid, I was ultracompetitive, and I wanted to do everything. My grandfather once told me, “You can do whatever you want to do in life, as long as you work hard at it.” This advice stuck with me. In high school, I bowled, played basketball, and ran both track and cross-country. It was a lot, but I wanted to stay busy. Of all the sports I played, basketball was always my favorite. I would spend the whole day at the gym or in the park shooting hoops. When I was growing up, I had an uncle who played basketball. I really enjoyed going to Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments to hang out with my uncle and watch him play with his friends. That’s where my love of the game really first began. I started playing basketball myself in elementary school and kept playing for years. In college, I played intramural basketball and continued to play even after graduating. I didn’t think about getting off the court until I suffered a knee injury that kept me out of work for several weeks. I ultimately needed surgery, and while I was recovering, I had to accept the fact that, at this stage in my life, I wasn’t going to get into the NBA. I’m still a really competitive person, and when I play a game, I can’t stop myself from going all out. It’s not wise for me to risk hurting myself again just to play a game of recreational basketball. Instead, I just need to focus on doing what I can to stay healthy, which usually means using the machines at work. Though I don’t play anymore, basketball is still part of my life. I founded Flint’s Finest Basketball Club in 2008 and have been part of promoting positive values like discipline, commitment, and integrity in the young men of the Flint community through the game of basketball. Flint’s Finest has grown so much over the last 12 years, and I really enjoy being able to coach these kids in the sport I played for so many years.

“Of all the sports I played, basketball was always my favorite.”

Recently, I started a new chapter in my relationship with basketball when my oldest son, Jerome, started asking more and more if he could go play basketball. He’s 5 years old and has never asked to play basketball before, so it’s pretty exciting. When I was younger and thought about having kids in the future, I hoped my kids would want to play basketball, too. It’s something we can share, and it will be fun to go to his games and teach my son how to play. He has an opportunity to do stuff that I didn’t get to do when I was growing up. We can go to camps and clinics and really hone his skills, if that’s what he wants to do. Right now, he mostly just wants to bounce the ball around, and that’s fun, too. Being active is important to our health, but it also serves as a way for us to connect with each other. My history with the sport has opened the door for me to bond over basketball with my son today. And I make time to exercise so I can be there for my sons well into the future.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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