María Isabel De Lince


A short introduction to MARIA ISABEL DE LINCE’S ARTWORK

María Isabel De Lince is a Colombian fine artist.

She has an extensive artistic biography as she has been showing for many years her artworks at different locations in America, Asia and Europe. Her work is comprised of magnificent abstractions which were born in her mind and personal experiences, including a special homage to nature and skies. She has always been able to project a restless spirit that has never been detained by time or adversity. Ms. De Lince is a clear example of tireless artistic work. Each piece, like a poem, deserves the analysis and thoughtfulness of the observer. Maybe we may say that each of her paintings can tell a different story. This book pretends to show the world – thanks to digital media – the work of an artist whose sincerity and devotion to the arts and culture has no limits.

Dr. Raúl M. Oyuela, A.FIAP Director – Museum of the Americas March, 2022.

Ms. De Lince at her art show in Dubai with Mayte Hipolito and Dr. Raul Oyuela, Director of the Museum of the Americas.

Ms. De Lince at her studio in Bogotá.

“Emerald”, oil on canvas, 100x100 cm. (39 3/8 x 39 3/8 in.)

“Black Swans”, oil on linen, 120x160 cm. (47 ¼ x 63 in.) (Book cover).

“Hope”, oil on linen, 120x160 cm. (47 ¼ x 63 in.)

“Vision 1” Oil on linen, 190x130 cm. (75 x 51 1/8 in.)

“Way to Heaven” Oil on linen, 190x130 cm. (75 x 51 1/8 in.)

“The end and new beginning”, oil on linen, 130x195 cm. (51 1/8 x76 ¾ in.)

“Crying of the Earth” Oil on linen, 140x96 cm. (55 1/8 x 37 ¾ in.)

“Source of Life” Oil on linen, 120x85 cm. (47 ¼ x 33 ½ in.)

“The voice of the water”, oil on linen, 80x80 cm. (31 ½ x 31 ½ in.)

“Transformation”, oil on linen, 60x60 cm. (23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in.)

“Galaxy 2”, oil on linen, 55x80 cm. (21 5/8 x 31 ½ in.)

“Dreams of Peace”, oil on linen, 130x190 cm. (51 1/8 x 75 in.)

“Energy e=mc2”, oil on linen, 60x60 cm. (23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in.)

“Beyond”, oil on linen, 130x195 cm. (51 1/8 x 76 ¾ in.)

“A new vision”, oil on canvas, 100x140 cm. (39 3/8 x 55 1/8 in.)

“Love and fire”, oil on canvas, 70x70 cm . (27 ½ x 27 ½ in.)

“Reef”, oil on linen, 130x195 cm . (51 1/8 x 76 ¾ in.)

“Look for the light”, oil on linen, 140x190 cm . (55 1/8 x 75 in.)

“Horses in the Sky”, oil on linen, 80x90 cm . (31 ½ x 35 ½ in.)

“Water, life and light”, oil on canvas, 50x60 cm. (19 5/8 x 23 5/8 in.)

Maria Isabel De Lince Colombia.

María Isabel Salazar de Lince, is a Colombian fine artist. She studied art, architecture design and psychology at the Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia and drawing and painting in Cooperartes Workshop, and with Masters David Manzur, Fernando Dávila, and Miguel Moyano. Exhibitions: She has participated in dozens of exhibitions, among them at the Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art in Miami, Florida, USA; Euroamerica Galleries, New York, NY; Beijing Art Fair, China; Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France; 1st International Modern Art Austria Biennial, Vienna, Austria; International Fine Art Masters, Vienna, Austria; International Prize Colosseo, Brancaccio Palace, Rome, Italy; "Attimi di Luce", MXM Arte, Pietrasanta, Italy; "Leonardo Da Vinci Award", Galleria La Pigna, Rome, Italy; "Casanova Award “, Flangini Palace, Venice , Italy; "The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists", Palais Sternberg, Vienna, Austria; "I Segnalati", In Arte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany; "Small is Beautiful II", Alliance Française, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; International Biennial of Flanders, Bruges, Belgium; International Prize Velásquez, MEAM Museum, Barcelona, Spain “; "III Bienal de Arte de Barcelona“, MEAM Museum. Barcelona; Spain and many more. Awards: More than 50, among them: Honorable Mention, Women in the Arts, Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida, USA; Honorable Mention, Rotary Club. Bogotá, Colombia: Honorable Mention, International Prints Festival, Bergamo, Italy: First Prize "Homage to Xavier Carbonell“, Museum of the Americas, Houston TX, USA; Honorable Mention, "Women in the Arts", Museum of the Americas, Houston, TX, USA; International Prize, Colosseo, Brancaccio Palace, Rome,Italy; Shakespeare Prize in Art, Palaexpo. Verona, Italy; Casanova Award, Flangini Palace, Venice, Italy; Premio Contemporanei nella Cittá degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy; Stylistic Value, The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, Palais Sternberg, Vienna, Austria; Internazionale Award, Arte Milano, Teatro dal Verme. Milan, Italy; Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporánea, Museo Gonzaga, Mantova, Italy; International Prize Andrea Mantegna, Teatro Sociale of Mantova, Italy; The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2017, Italy; I Segnalati Berlin, InArte Werkkunst, Berlin, Germany; 2º. International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy: Honorable Mention, "Women in the Arts 2019". Museum of the Americas at Impulse Art Gallery, Houston, TX, USA; International Prize: Artist of the Year 2019, Effetto Arte, Roma, Italy; International Prize New York City; Effeto Arte 2020, Rome; Italy and David di Michelangelo International Prize; EA Editore 2021, Rome, Italy; and many more. In 2014 she was awarded the Moments Lifetime Award.

Ms. De Lince is a CERTIFIED ARTIST by the MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS. She currently lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

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