Music City Plastic Surgery - June 2020


JUNE 2020




As many of you already know, Music City Plastic Surgery was closed for elective surgeries for nearly two months. Like many other businesses during this time, we’ve had our own share of struggles and changes, but we were thrilled to open our doors again in early May and to start seeing our patients whom we’ve missed so much. But the truth is, when we could only provide virtual consultations from home, I found an incredible silver lining around the otherwise difficult time of the pandemic: The stay-at- home mandate provided an opportunity for me to see just how important it is to cherish my time with loved ones. Many parents have been calling these stay- at-home mandates “the gift of the 19th summer.” When you have kids, you typically get 18 summers with them, and after that, they’re all grown up and head to college. But with the forced closure of schools and cancellation of activities outside the home, kids and parents are essentially getting a 19th summer to spend together. So we’ve decided to make the most of it. With teenagers, preteens, and elementary school age kids, the ranges might seem tricky to navigate, but it gives my wife and me incredible perspective and endless entertainment. We really never know what our day to day is going to look like, but we’ve certainly never had a dull moment over the last few months. My kids have learned, grown, and become close in ways I never imagined happening. One of my favorite

moments was when my 6-year-old daughter discovered the joys of cooking and the fun of practical jokes ... at the same time. Her favorite concoction was a yogurt, toothpaste, and Peeps sandwich with a side of mustard. It took all her willpower (and mine too) not to burst out laughing as she served it to me. The individual time with each of my kids has been great, but the moments we spend together are what I’ll cherish the most. It’s not always easy to get your teens to hang out with their younger siblings, but we’ve discovered board games, puzzles, and recipes that we all enjoy doing together. We’ve also been getting outdoors to zip around the neighborhood on bikes and scooters, and I’ve been recruited to play more rounds of tag and cops and robbers than I can count. But I’ve also come to realize that we don’t always need to fill our days with one activity after another. Even if we’re not saying or doing much, just being together in the presence of one another is settling and satisfying in a way I never imagined it could be. During tough or unusual times, simply being surrounded by those you love can provide comfort that you didn’t even know you needed. It’s still been hard for our family to maintain a normal schedule since time has become a little warped and all the days blend together. Schooling at home has been a challenge, too. I’ll never know how teachers manage

to wrangle a classroom full of kids and get them to actually do their assignments. My family certainly hasn’t figured out a perfect system, and there are still days when the kids get cranky or my wife and I get tired and frustrated. But no matter what, I know that when I look back on this time years down the road, the memories of the “19th summer” we spent together will make me smile. If we’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that life is fragile. So let’s make the most of every moment we have.

–Dr. Mike

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