HOT|COOL NO. 1/2022 - "Conversion from gas - it's time now!"

Bronderslev Forsyning, Varme, with 5000 DH customers, has one of the most energy-efficient CHP plants globally. It combines concentrated solar heating (CSP) with wood chips and converts the energy into electricity and DH via a so-called ORC system (Organic Ranking Cycle).

use of more advanced technologies. Especially, the idea about the cloud-based Cross System Optimiza- tion has given us new valuable insights and provid- ed us with more advanced tools to operate the entire utility more efficiently - from production to distribu- tion and end-consumers.

of the approach with open interfaces, standards, and shared infrastructure components. (IoT-based) data-services support the shared infrastructure by the pipe producer LOGSTOR (part of Kingspan Group), pump producer DESMI and metering provider Kamstrup, which all together aim at monitoring and predicting maintenance and other services that both support the DH-company and their customers, as well as balancing en- ergy-, economic efficiency with the secured high indoor envi- ronment. Examples of value generation from sector integration enabled by the given agile infrastructure proposed by HEAT 4.0 also consist of utilizing large thermal capacities of buildings and the DH network for storage, called flexibility. This service aims at supporting the stabilization of the electrical systems by shifting demands in time and power. Other integrated services optimize temperature, flow control qualified by measurements across system components, models, and automated analytics. The examples mentioned above show the limitless opportuni- ties for new, more intelligent IT systems. We are proud of the small successful steps HEAT 4.0 has taken towards digitalizing the DH sector. As a result, various combinations of cross-sys- tem-optimization (CSO) tools implemented prove the agility of such an ICT architecture. HEAT 4.0 is reaching its final stage, and we are looking forward to presenting the exact values of the partners’ efforts during the year 2022. The digital journey has just begun with the innovative project HEAT 4.0, supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

Thorkil B. Neergaard , CEO, Bronderslev DH, Denmark

The industrial approach – a new beginning? In the HEAT 4.0 project, 17 innovative partners have worked closely with universities and DH companies to deliver state- of-the-art digital solutions to the DH market. The project has pushed the development of existing digital products and new innovative cross-system products. The pioneers are a) EMD International provides investment and production optimization software, added bidding software to the electricity markets in an integrated portfolio, b) Enfor pro- vides localized weather and heat load forecasts, plus temper- ature optimization software for the network operation, and c) Neogrid, Leanheat and NorthQ that provides optimization and control software for all size building operation. Danfoss that has acquired the partner Leanheat within the project’s lifetime, has designed a software solution suite – “Danfoss Leanheat Software Suite” - that is an end-to-end solution. This solution is similar to the system described above but since it’s an open architecture it can easily integrate with EMD, ENFOR and others. Combina- tions are possible. As a result, HEAT 4.0 has shown the flexibility

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Partners in HEAT 4.0, 2021 Niras AAU DTU Compute,

Danfoss Leanheat EMD Enfor Neogrid

TREFOR Varme Kamstrup Grøn Energi/ Dansk Fjernvarme Brønderslev Forsyning

LOGSTOR/Kingspan Hillerød Forsyning NorthQ DESMI Center Denmark

DTU Management and DTU Civil Engineering

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