HOT|COOL NO. 1/2022 - "Conversion from gas - it's time now!"

HEAT PLANNING IN GERMANY The new German goverment has set out ambitous plans for energy planning for the whole of country. Read more from our "reporter" at the Danish embassy in Berlin. HOWTO PRICE-ESTIMATE A CONVERSION TO DISTRICT HEATING? The pipe network cost is a big chunck of the overall investments in a DH network. Learn how Gentofte north of Copenhagen optimize their configuration.

AREWE DIVERSE ENOUGH IN THE DH SECTOR? THE ANSW E R IS CLEARLY "NO!". Read about how a network in the UK work hard to make the sector there more diverse and inclusive.

NEWTECHNOLOGY: Digital thermostatic valves

DBDH HAS JUST LAUNC H ED ITS PODCAST SERIES ON DH DEVELOPMENTS WORLDWIDE. This link leads to our RSS-channel. Stay tuned for the next podcast about how two Danish cities convert from gas to DH.

Listen along as Morten Jordt Duedahl from DBDH interviews the world’s specialists on hot and cool topics concerning district heating and cooling today.

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