AHI Newsletter Q2 2018 FINAL

Programme Update CellCheck

CellCheck AnimalHealthIreland.ie

Finola McCoy, Programme Manager

T he industry-agreed programme target is to have more than 75% of national milk volume delivered with a SCC below 200,000 cells/mL by the end of 2020. A key activity during this period has been the analysis of data provided by processors to DAFM in relation to this target. Benchmarking reports for individual processors relating to 2016 have been provided, building on the previously reported results at national level, which found that 67% of milk by volume achieved this target, with an average SCC for the year of 186,000 cells/mL. Analysis of 2017 data was completed during this quarter, showing further improvement in both of these measures, with 71% of milk having a SCC below 200,000 cells/mL and a national average figure of 175,000 cells/mL. Work is almost completed on the processor-level reports for this 2017 data, with these scheduled for delivery shortly. This data will also form the basis of the CellCheck Milking For Quality Best 500 awards which will take place in November of this year. Finally, at this stage almost all processors have provided data for the first four months of 2018, with results due later this quarter. The Milk Recording Strategy Group, which is developing a strategy to encourage a wider uptake of Milk Recording, continued its work during this period, with the final report expected this quarter.



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