AHI Newsletter Q2 2018 FINAL

Programme Update BVD

Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) During 2018 all herds with positive results are required to undergo an RDP-funded TASAH herd investigation by a trained veterinary practitioner within 3 months of the initial positive result. These investigations seek to review herd biosecurity, identify a plausible source or sources of infection, ensure that the herd is left free from BVDV and agree farm-specific measures to prevent its re-introduction. Investigations have now been completed for 337 herds with positive results in 2018 (54% of positive herds). A small number have not been completed within the 3 months allocated and these are now being contacted to progress the investigations. BVD Technical Working Group The TWG is currently deliberating on a range of enhancement measures for the 2019 programme for the BVD Implementation Group to consider. The group is also undertaking a range of studies to support surveillance strategies such as antibody testing of bulk tank milk samples, testing of post-abortion bloods and the sampling of under 30 month-old animals at the abattoir. A study to identify factors associated with the re-introduction of infection into herds that had acquired negative herd status is also under way. Animal Health Ireland also continued its participation in STOC-Free (Surveillance Tool for Outcome-based Comparison of FREEdom from infection; www.stocfree.eu), a multi-country project funded by the European Food Safety Authority.



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