AHI Newsletter Q2 2018 FINAL

Programme Update Beef Healthcheck

Figure 6. Prevalence of fluke (damage and live fluke combined) in cattle by county in 2018 to date.

The summer edition of the Beef HealthCheck newsletter was published in June click here , with guest contributions from Gary Fisher (Teagasc) on the importance of a 365 day calving interval for suckler herds and Dr. Orla Keane (Teagasc) on anthelmintic resistance in dairy calf to beef farms. A new information leaflet developed by the Parasite Technical Working Group on Practical Roundworm and Fluke Diagnosis was published in June click here , and work is ongoing on a leaflet on anthelmintic resistance. The TWG has also developed a veterinary survey on parasite control in cattle that will be delivered in the coming months.




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