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JUNE 2019



Summer in Jacksonville is a very special time of year. Between our world-famous beaches and growing foodie scene, every member of the family can have their fair share of fun. The only downside comes when you realize you should have set aside more time during the spring to get your summer body back. Don’t worry! We have you covered here at Fyzical Jacksonville. With our dedicated staff of industry professionals and specialized programs to fit your specific body type, you can kiss your summertime anxieties goodbye. Our inventive programs make it easier than ever for you to get back in shape and doing what you love. Gaining a newfound sense of self-love and mobility means looking no further than our BodyQ program.

I can easily fall into a rut doing the same fitness program over and over, which leads to boredom and not wanting to exercise. This is not an option, and my body tells me! I then know it’s time to liven up my program and reassess what I’ve been doing — what’s easy, what’s hard, what do I like, etc. I’m the most successful when I’m accountable and have a goal. It helps to have a partner to push and encourage me, and right now, that’s my daughter. If you’re in an exercise rut, the BodyQ program will get you back to the lifestyle you deserve. Whether you want to drop a few pounds just in time for vacation or improve your mobility to play with your grandkids, we can sculpt a series of special programs to fit

your goals. By looking at your strength, body mass index, and performance, we develop a custom plan to help you achieve the results you want. You’ll quickly find how much physical therapy can change your life, and it’s never been easier than with BodyQ. You can say goodbye to the dangerous pills and unnecessary surgeries, and instead enjoy newfound independence and confidence in your body. Simply put, we’re here for you. If there ever was a time to take that first step toward a better life, it’s today. Here at Fyzical Jacksonville, we plan to be right there with you through every step of that process. Our friendly staff and inventive programs will pave an easier path for your personal journey. Life’s too short not to have some fun along the way. To find out more about our BodyQ program or any of our other personalized treatments, give us a call at 904-223-2363 or visit our website anytime at Fyzical.com/Jacksonville.

JOIN US FOR OUR SUMMER BIRTHDAY PARTY! Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time: 1 p.m to 4 p.m. Location: 4776 Hodges Blvd., Ste. 101, Jacksonville, FL 32224 Come out and enjoy a party with our staff to celebrate summer birthdays! Food and drinks will be provided, and you can enter for a chance to win some great prizes! Schedule a FREE screening by calling 904-223-2363.

– Dr. Joanna Frantz

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