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Maximize your settlement savings potential and eliminate costs associated with protecting Medicare’s interests with Ringler’s MSA Settlement Services powered by NuQuest.

Our Certified Settlement Program provides an analysis of Medicare-allowable future treatment costs that adequately protects the Medicare trust fund and complies with the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) statutes. Based on standards of care, evidence-based medicine, and injured party utilization, the projected future treatment allows us to calculate the true costs associated with care and certifies those costs to guarantee payment. Using personalized costs over generalized projections can yield savings of up to 30%. What will you do with your extra money? Customized The projected funds allocated to protect Medicare’s interests are self or professionally administered. Allocation through NuQuest will extend the life of the funds by scheduling the bills to the fee schedule used in the analysis and by providing discounts on the pharmacy and Durable Medical Expenses (DME). Guaranteed Should Medicare deny any Medicare-covered bills after the allocated funds are exhausted, NuQuest will assist in the appeal of injury-related Medicare covered bills. Should CMS continute to deny the bills after the appeals are exhausted, NuQuest will pay the injury-related, Medicare-covered treatment up to the amount of the settlement less the settlement funds allocated for Medicare-allowable treatment. Certified Under the Certified Settlement Program, NuQuest will indemnify, defend and hold the client harmless against liabilities, damages, losses, claims, costs or expenses, that are brought against the client by CMS arising from or attributable to NuQuest’s performance.

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