Reid & Pederson Drainage - March/April 2019

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FROM THEN TO NOW BUI LD ING RE I D & PEDERSON DRA INAGE My brother Kevin and I both started working when we were about 10 years old at my grandfather’s hardware store. We’d come in on Saturdays and during the summers to help out until we were about 18. Working with our grandfather made a huge impact on us and steered us toward what eventually became Reid & Pederson Drainage.

APR 2019

WWW. RE I D- PEDERSON . COM | 1 sewer and drain services, from sewer rodding and drain cleaning to complete sewer repair and cleanout installations. We manage a dedicated and skilled team of 22 employees, and we expanded the business in 2002 with the creation of our sister company, Trenchless Innovations, which specializes in trenchless sewer lining and air duct lining. Nothing is stopping us now. It’s been an amazing journey working with our customers and teammembers throughout the years. Without them, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today. –John Reid why. We were fortunate to have two great mentors and teachers in our lives who shared their knowledge with us. At one point, Mr. Pederson decided to open another business, and his son took over his drainage and sewer cleaning company. In 1999, his son reached out to us to ask if we would like to buy out his father’s business. He was looking to move on to other things, but he wanted to ensure that the reputation his father built in his company would continue. This March marks 20 years since we have merged companies and continued Mr. Pederson’s reputation through Reid & Pederson Drainage. When Kevin and I started this business, we didn’t expect it to be what it’s become. At first, we hoped that we’d get enough business to keep busy, but today, we offer a full range of

to operate our business the same way and be completely open with our customers. Sadly, in our line of work, there are a lot of companies who continuously take advantage of people. When we first spoke with our soon-to-be mentor, we went back and forth telling stories about how one company took advantage of that person, and how frustrating it was. We vowed that we would never do anything like that. Mr. Pederson gave us more than just business advice; he gave Kevin and I a purpose and goal to aim for while running a business of our own. He loved to share his knowledge with us, and the three of us even worked together on a few jobs. When sewer cameras first came out, Mr. Pederson was one of the first in our area to get one, and whenever we had to do a sewer repair, we’d ask him to come out and do the locating. Once the job was over, we’d sit by the truck and ask him how he would handle certain scenarios and situations. We met another great mentor, Mr. Marthaler (a local plumber and teacher at Prairie State College), in one of the many different classes we took when our business first picked up speed. Mr. Marthaler was very experienced in his field, and Kevin and I would talk to him for hours after class to pick his brain on how he would approach various situations and

Many people came into the store asking if we did sewer or drain cleaning, and the need for these services became apparent. We bought a van and all the equipment we needed, and we started working. In 1986, we had enough customers to operate the business full-time, so we stopped working at the hardware store to focus solely on the business. Neither of us expected our side business would grow as fast as it did. We started getting more and more jobs, and we continued to seek out better methods, techniques, and equipment to use. It was at this time that we met one of our mentors, Mr. Pederson. We met while Kevin and I were at a job. We happened to see his truck and pulled over to talk to him. Mr. Pederson’s company (Pederson & Sons) and his reputation for being an honest and valued business owner were well-known in our industry, and we wanted to see if he could give us any advice. We wanted

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