Vulcan - Leading with Analytics: Program Resources

Unit 4: Visualizing Data Faculty: Dr. Adam Mersereau and Dr. Brad Staats

Examples of Data Visualization:

• Food insecurity increases with the poverty rate in the U.S., but there are lots of differences between states. Data visualization can sometimes hinder our ability to understand what we’re trying to study. • Hans Rosling & the BBC: A data visualization expert demonstrating global public health over hundreds of years. o How health and wealth have improved globally, but a need for improvement in poverty rates is obvious in his visualization. Effective visualization (like the example below) are critical to convey information.

Four Question Framework for Visualization Process: Answer the following questions: • What are you trying to accomplish? Explore, educate or persuade? • Who is your audience? Who am I talking to and how much time do they have? • What is the right visualization? o Basic blocking chart and rules of visualization, how the eye “sees and reads”. • What is the story you are telling? o The right picture is worth a lot more than 1,000 words or 10,000 numbers. Key Takeaways: • Data visualization is an important tool to explore data but it can also provide core insights as well. • Use the four question framework to leverage the power of data visualization.

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