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Sidewalk Sale Fire Regulations Due to fire regulations, we must keep an area of at least 10 feet between the tables or racks in the centre of the mall and your store fronts. If we do not adhere to this we could be fined. It is in the interest of public safety. Should there be a fire, there needs to be room for people to quickly leave the mall. In-Store Promotions Merchants should inform the Marketing Director when special in-store promotions are planned so that publicity and other promotional possibilities may be explored. In addition, if any promotion should be planned for after hours or outside of your property line, permission from the Administration Office must be requested in writing at least three weeks in advance. Service Corridors Nothing is to be left in corridors as they are for delivery access and emergency exit thoroughfares and must be clear at all times. Anything found in these locations will be disposed of or brought to the front of your store and left there, including garbage. According to fire and health regulations there are NO EXCUSES for anything to be left in the mall corridors. Back Doors Stores with back door/outside access should be aware that for security purposes these doors should be closed and locked at all times, with the exception of during a delivery. Kiddie Rides/Photo Machine Refunds Customers requiring refunds from the coin operated machines are to be directed to Customer Service. Lost & Found ALL lost & found items are to be turned into Security or the Customer Service Centre. If a customer is looking for a lost item, please send them to the Customer Service Centre where they can retrieve the item or provide a description of the item.

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