UMS Case Study: Molde Water and Drainage

“A burst in the area may disrupt water supply causing discolouration. We are resolving the issue”.

“We’re pleased to report that all repairs have now been completed in your area and supplies have been restored. Sorry for the disruption and thanks for bearing with us”.

“An overnight burst in your area may cause discoloured water. Run the cold tap until the water clears”.

UMS has successfully completed a multi-channel public alerting project for the authority of Molde municipality in the year 2013. I recommend UMS without reservation. Bjarte Koppen, Chief of Water & Drainage Department, Molde Municipality

effective compared to sending letters or hiring personnel to reach out to affected individuals. These channels also en- sure that citizens receives notifications instantly and are better equipped to pre- pare for the consequence of an outage. How did it solve the problem for the customer? With address based alerting from UMS, Molde Municipality can now send SMS or voice messages to inform about planned water outages the day before it happens and if they prefer to, they can also send a reminder just before the water outage happens. If an unplanned water outage occurs, they can immediately send out

a message by SMS or by voice message to the affected customers to instantly inform about what has happened.


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