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Dinner Theater

Chicken Comedy Advanced: Dinner and Show $35* Show Only $27* Door : Dinner and Show $37* Show Only $29* *All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax Tickets Advanced: Dinner and Show $48* Show Only $33* Door : Dinner and Show $50* Show Only $35* Discounts Available for Groups of 16+ *All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax Matinees: Doors open at 11:45 am Dinner at 12:30 pm Show at 1:45 pm Evenings:

Doors open at 5:45 pm Dinner at 6:30 pm Show at 7:45 pm

Evenings: Doors open at 5:45 pm

Dinner at 6:30 pm Show at 8:00 pm

Murder Mystery Advanced: Dinner and Show $35* Door : Dinner and Show $37* *All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax

Matinees: Doors open at 11:45 am Dinner & Show 12:30 pm

Evenings: Doors open at 5:45 pm Dinner & Show 6:30 pm

Show Only tickets are not available for Murder Mysteries

Memories strives to provide an enjoyable experience for all of our customers. If special accommodations (walkers or wheel chairs) or dietary restrictions are needed, please contact Memories directly. S A

Hearing Loop Memories recently installed a hearing loop system. Using the T-coil you can now listen to our shows though your hearing aids. For those without this functionality, we oer portable headsets that can be checked out.

Season Tickets 8 Show Package, Save 25% 5 Show Package, Save 15% 4 Show Package, Save 10% Create Your Season Dinner Theater, Chicken Comedy, or Murder Mystery Choose the shows you want to see and create your own season. Enhance your Experience l 8 Special and complimentary drinks as described above . *Tableof8Specialrequiresanadvancereservationandpaymentbemadebyoneparty Onlyavailablewithpurchaseof fullpricetickets Tableof 8Special * Gather your friends, family, or co-workers. Groups purchasing a table of eight will receive their choice of a complimentary bottle of house wine, a pitcher of beer, or pitcher of soda. Special includes your tickets, a delicious dinner,

CelebrationPackage ** - $60 + Tax For birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, retirements, or any milestone occasion, show the special people in your life howmuch they mean to youwith a celebration package - available for all

Just for You

entertainment events. This special package includes:  One reserved, premier parking space for the honoree(s).

Box Oice Hours: Mon thru Fri 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Phone (262) 284-6850 Buy Online At: www.Memoriesballroom.com  Beautiful take-home flower arrangement awaiting you at your table.  One bottle of champagne or wine to toast your special occasion.  Public announcement of your special celebration.  Eight delectable cupcakes. - (Additional cupcakes available for purchase for $1.50 apiece.) **CelebrationPackagedoesnot includetickets.Ticketsmustbepurchasedseparately. ORDERYOURTICKETSTODAY


Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell. A possible break in his fortune occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college—a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. Sidney’s plan, which he devises with his wife’s help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. Thereafter suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that audiences will be held enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play. March 13 - 22, 2020 By Ira Levin

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Blind Dating at Happy Hour is a laugh-out-loud comedy. The action of the show takes place in Wes and Rosie’s Tavern, a local establishment with an interesting collection of clientele. It follows Corwin Landcaster, who has arrived at the tavern an hour early to meet the woman, Miss Richmond, that he has been corresponding with online. He has high hopes that the night will go perfectly, only to be pulled into the wild lives of the other patrons. By the end of the evening, Corwin has a black & blue eye, a drink stained shirt, and is torn between asking out Allie, the local bartender, or waiting forMiss Richmond to come through the door. April 17 - 26, 2020 By Shaun Kempf

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M iss D aisy

Having recently demolished another car, Daisy Werthan, a rich, sharp-tongued Jewish widow of seventy-two, is informed by her son, Boolie, that she must rely on the services of a chauffeur. The person he hires is a thoughtful, unemployed black man, Hoke, whom Miss Daisy immediately regards with disdain and who, in turn, is not impressed with his employer’s patronizing tone and, he believes, her latent prejudice. As the play ends Hoke has a final visit with Miss Daisy, while it is evident that a vestige of her fierce independence and sense of position still remain, it is also movingly clear that they have both come to realize they have more in common than they ever believed possible. May 8 - 17, 2020 By Alfred Uhry

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PAL S Million Dollar Duck $

Searching for costumes for their next production, Desmond andQueenie, the “stars” of the local summer- stock company, drop by “Opal’s Antique Junque Shop.” While rooting through Opal’s treasures they spot a nondescript oil painting—a still life of a dead mallard duck and an apple—recalling an item in the morning newspaper about a painting which has disappeared from the local art museum. They suddenly realize that this may be the missing canvas, for which the insurance company is offering a sizable reward. Summoning up all their acting skills, they try to charmOpal into selling the painting, but she explains that she plans to give it to her friend, Rosie, as a birthday present, whereupon the plot thickens hilariously. June 9 - 18, 2020 By John Patrick

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In this delightful, laugh-a-minute comedy, four unique Southern women, all needing to escape the sameness of their day-to-day routines, are drawn together by fate, an impromptu happy hour and decide it’s high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they’ve lost through the years. Over the course of six months, filled with laughter, hilarious misadventures, and the occasional liquid refreshment, these middle-aged women successfully bond and find the confidence to jump-start their new lives. Together, they discover lasting friendships and a renewed determination to live in themoment—andmost importantly, realize it’s never too late tomake new old friends. July 7 - 16, 2020 By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

Ju l y 2020


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The action in this rollicking Southern comedy takes place in SPA-DEE-DAH!, the abandoned church- turned-day-spa where this group of friends gathers every Friday afternoon. After the loss of a dear friend, thewomen realize time is precious, and if they’re going to change their lives and achieve their dreams, they have to get on it now. The comic tensionmounts when a sexy ex-boyfriend shows up, a marriage proposal comes fromanunlikely suitor andSugar Lee’s archrival vows she’ll stop at nothing to steal the spa fromher. By the time the women rally together to overcome these obstacles, you’ve got a side-splitting comedy that will make you laugh out loud and shout “Hallelujah!” August 11 - 20, 2020 By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

Augu s t 2020 Tue 1 1 We d 1 2 Th u 1 3

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Four buddies are enjoying their annual deer hunting trip, but this year is different. After 15 years of coming home with nothing but a hangover, their wives have given them an ultimatum: bag a deer or your deer camp days are over. Only one hurdle stands in their way—none of them know how to hunt. Do they buy one? Steal one? Could they possibly try to… shoot one?With thiswacky troop, it seems theonly ones safe in the woods are the deer, but with song and dance, a bit of chance, and some audience interaction, their prayers are answered just as they run out of beer. Get ready to laugh your antlers off! November 6 - 15, 2020 Written by Gene Jurek Music by Doug Spartz

No v emb e r 2020 Fri 6 S a t 7 S u n 8

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Karol, a disillusioned social worker, is trudging home one cold December night when she encounters an old man sitting on a park bench. Mistaking him for homeless, Karol offers the stranger some food -- a seemingly innocent gesture, until he turns up in her apartment claiming to be Santa Claus. Thanks to a malfunctioning security system, Karol finds herself trapped with “Mr. Claus” and forced to confront her feelings about Christmas once and for all in this touching musical battle between cynicism and belief. December 4 - 13, 2020 By Sean Grennan Music by Leah Okimoto

De c emb e r 2020 Fri 4 S a t 5 S u n 6

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Murder Me Always By Lee Mueller

November 15, 2019 Evening November 16, 2019 Matinee & Evening

During a very bad performance of the play “Murder Me Always”, an actual murder takes place off stage. The director is shot! The “fake” murder mystery play comes to a screeching halt and a “real” murder mystery begins. Will this “real” murder mystery be any better than the fake one? Is art imitating life? Is the play really the thing? Is this the original play that went wrong?

To Wake the Dead By Lee Mueller

January 17, 2020 Evening January 18, 2020 Matinee & Evening January 19, 2020 Matinee

Renown Supernaturalist mystery writer Fred Finnegan has died under unusual circumstances. His wife, literary agent, and old friends have all gathered at his wake. Also in attendance are a faction of the Fredrick Finnegan Fan Club, as well as the disembodied spirit of Freddie himself! The wake starts with Irish toasts and amusing stories about Freddie and his life, but the circumstances of Freddie’s death keep coming into question. The guest who would most appreciate answers is Fred Finnegan himself. Problem is, only the nerdy fan Clyde Barker has the gift to “hear” dead people. Can Freddie use Clyde to find the answers he seeks? Was Fred murdered by someone at the wake? He’s dying to find out!

Show Times

Matinee: Doors open at 11:45 am Dinner and Show 12:30 pm

Evenings: Doors open at 5:45 pm Dinner and Show 6:30 pm

Show Only tickets are not available for Murder Mysteries

Tickets Advance: Dinner and Show $35* Door: Dinner and Show $37* * All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax

Talk About a Murder! By Lee Mueller

April 3, 2020 Evening April 4, 2020 Matinee & Evening April 5, 2020 Matinee

The Nickie and Ricky Rivers Show is broadcasting live from the road, and it’s a bumpy ride. The D list guests include Vegas lounge singers Shecky Scagnetti and Edie Buffet, New Age guru Celeste Ethereal, home economist Phoebe St. Self, and gossip columnist Polly Pettegolo. Everyone is on the show to plug their own cable TV shows, and what starts out as a yawn fest quickly heats up when egos and personalities clash. It sounds like every other talk show until one of the featured guests is murdered off stage. Can this mystery be solved? Will it help the ratings? Must the show go on? Might as well, there’s nothing else on...

Remains to be Seen By Lee Mueller

November 20, 2020 Evening November 21, 2020 Matinee & Evening November 22, 2020 Matinee

A dead body is found in a trunk on the back of a “U-Move-It” rental truck. Finding the murderer is not as simple as tracking down the last person who rented the truck. The truck has traveled to multiple cities, crossed state lines, and been rented by several mysterious characters. There’s Iggy, the bookie bartender. Madame DuBois, the eccentric washed up film star. Nick Niagara and Edie Buffet, the talentless lounge act. Enter Federal agents Muledeer and Sullen. Was this a haphazard homicide by one of the shady characters or an alien abduction and murder with a major government cover up as agent Muledeer suspects? The answer is out there!

Chicken Comedy Comedians - Dates Sonya White - Dear Hunting November 23, 2019 Chris Barnes December 21, 2019 Roger Radley January 11, 2020 Skip Griparis - More than Comedy

Doors open at 5:45 pm Dinner at 6:30 pm Show at 8:00 pm Show Times Tickets February 8, 2020 Mike Mercury March 7, 2020 Brian Hicks April 11, 2020

Advance: Dinner and Show $35* , Show Only $27* Door: Dinner and Show $37*, Show Only $29* * All tickets are subject to Wisconsin sales tax

Sonya White

Chris Barnes

Roger Radley Skip Griparis

Mike Mercury Brian Hicks

Hosted By Rob Haswell Chief Meteorologist WITI - Channel 6

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