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I love the summer! There are so many opportunities to get out and do something fun. Right now, I’m getting ready to spend three weeks on the water. This is going to be our big family vacation for the year. It’ll be three

out on a paddleboard a couple of years ago. I skipped the lessons and just went out on the water.

Though there are many places that rent out paddleboards, I wanted an inflatable board, so I bought my own. It’s much easier to pack up in the car and put on the boat. It wasn’t easy at first, but I got the hang of it. It’s become another great way to meditate. When you’re out on still water on a calm day, it’s just you, your mind, and nature. You can breathe and take it all in. If you’re looking for a new way to both get a workout and meditate, paddleboarding is a great option!

weeks of sailing around the San Juan Islands and up into Canada!

As we sail the islands, we’ll also hike on a few of them. There are tons of great trails that don’t get much attention because they are out of the way for most people, which is nice

You do have to keep a close eye on nature when you’re out there though. Recently, I was out paddleboarding with a friend, and a seal

because it lets us get that much closer to nature without worrying about any crowds.

came right up to their board. I was a little worried it was going to jump up on my friend’s board, but thankfully, it swam off. I think it was curious about these new creatures that had entered its territory.

As good as it is to take time off to spend with family, it’ll be bittersweet when it ends. My son, Emerson, is getting ready to start high school. As a mom, it’s hard to believe we’re already there, but it is an exciting new chapter for him.

Another thing I’m looking forward to this summer is the farmers

At some point this summer between working at the clinic, sailing, and getting Emerson ready for high school, we’re hoping to build a shed in our backyard. The idea behind this shed is to give me a dedicated place to paint. Of course, every weekend we have to work on a shed, I have this habit of taking our family back on the water! I can’t get enough of it.

market! I love getting fresh fruit and vegetables. My mom has also been gardening more and growing some strawberries and blueberries, so we certainly won’t be having a berry

shortage any time soon!

–Dr. Orit Hickman

But I will say I have diversified my water activities. I’m doing more stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. I actually started getting • 1

The World’s Best Exercise

Not all exercises are created equal. In fact, there is one form of exercise that is better than many others: walking. Harvard Medical School took a look at various exercises and concluded that walking is up there with swimming and tai chi in terms of health benefits.

As simple and straightforward as walking is, it can be difficult for many people to find the time. Most experts agree that you need 30–60 minutes of physical activity per day, but the good news is that you can split those minutes up

throughout your day. For example, you can take a brisk 20-minute walk in the morning before work, followed by another one at lunch and one more after dinner. Those 60 minutes also don’t have to be strenuous; they just need to happen.

Regular walking can help maintain good cholesterol

However, the more time you invest in walking, the more you will get out of it. If you slowly increase your distance and speed, you’ll

and blood pressure levels and keep your bones strong and healthy. One study showed that 40 minutes of walking every day

end up burning more calories and strengthening your legs over time.

helped people reduce blood pressure from hypertension to prehypertension, and then eventually to normal over several months. Walking can even keep many different kinds

The great thing about walking is that it’s not particularly taxing on the knees, and you can move at your own pace. It doesn’t get any better than that! To get the most out of walking,

of diseases at bay, such as diabetes and heart disease. In addition to these physical benefits, walking daily can improve your mood and overall mental health.

schedule your walks for after mealtimes, especially the ones that come later in the day, like lunch and dinner. It’s a great way to aid digestion and burn calories — which can’t hurt your waistline!

f o r Y o u r

e s t o P r e For a lot of people, summer means getting out on the water, and there are many fun water activities that can take a lot out of you. This is why it’s so important to prepare for these types of physically demanding activities, such as engaging in upper body strength training and core strengthening exercises. We like to remind our patients to check in with us before heading out on the water or trying a new summer activity such as paddleboarding. If you’ve never paddleboarded before, you want to make sure your body is ready. On top of paddling and maintaining balance, you need to be able to transport your paddleboard or similar self-propelled watercraft. This can mean lifting it in and out of the car or truck or attaching it to a roof rack. Solid paddleboards can be unwieldy! Inflatable paddleboards don’t have this problem, but when deciding on what type of board to rent or buy, you should get what works best for you.

full body up so your weight is on your elbows and the tips of your toes. If you’re doing a full plank, the entire length of your body should be raised. Your plank will vary depending on your strength level and ability. You can also use the plank position to do leg lifts.

Leg Lunges Just as leg lifts can strengthen your legs, so can reverse lunges.

When you lunge, your upper body should remain straight as you step forward with one leg, and lower your hips until both knees are bent. The forward knee should be at 90 degrees (straight with your ankle), while the back knee is between 90 and 100 degrees and should not touch the floor. Drop your body straight down, using your legs as springs. Do this movement 10 times, switch legs, and repeat. If you have questions about how you can get summer ready, give us a call! We’ll make sure you’re ready to hit the water or take part in any of your favorite summer activities, no matter what they may be!

To help get your body watercraft-ready, here are two great exercises you can do.

The Plank This helps work the abdominal muscles, which are crucial for maintaining balance while paddling even in the calmest waters! Typically, the plank is started by lying flat on your stomach. Push up and bring your

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Have a Blast This July in Burien

4th of July Parade Thursday, July 4, Downtown Burien

Harbor on Vashon Island. There’s also another great show in Liberty Bay near Poulsbo. They do fireworks on Wednesday, July 3 (you can learn more here: And there’s also the Summer Fourth at Gas Works Park in Seattle (more on that at seafair-summer-fourth). From noon until 11 p.m. on July 20, Olde Burien is the place to be. The block party is centered on SW 152nd St. and 10th Ave. SW but extends through town as eateries and shops open their doors with specials and sales. Plus, there will be live music all day. The party is free, and it’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the family. For updates and more events, be sure to check out! And don’t forget to check out the Burien Farmers Market every Thursday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m. It’s a great way to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies! Olde Burien Block Party Saturday, July 20, Olde Burien

After 98 years, the Burien Fourth of July Parade is still going strong! Gather around to take in the patriotic spectacle of marching bands, floats, and more. The parade starts at 3 p.m., so get your spot early! The Burien Parade remains one of the most popular Fourth of July parades this side of Seattle. The parade typically lasts two hours and, as always, is free to the public. Many local businesses keep their doors open on the Fourth, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing a bite after the parade. That is if you don’t have a barbecue to get to!

Fireworks Around Seattle Thursday, July 4, Around Seattle

While Burien has its own afternoon parade, there is still the question of what to do about fireworks in the evening! Do you go home or go out? Well, we have a few suggestions. There are a lot of fireworks shows in and around Seattle. Our favorites include the fireworks in Quartermaster

The Juicy Lucy is a burger with cheese hiding in the patty, and it is a staple in Minnesota. We think it should be a Fourth of July favorite nationwide.


2 lbs. ground chuck beef, 20% lean

8 slices melting cheese (like American, Swiss, Muenster, or cheddar)

16 small potato rolls, toasted

Salt and pepper, to taste

Your favorite burger accompaniments


1. Divide beef into 16 evenly sized balls. 2. Rip cheese into roughly equal pieces, creating 16 equal portions. 3. Using your index finger, create a small indentation in each ball. 4. Fill indention with cheese and pinch meat around to seal. Then gently form balls into 3/4-inch-thick patties. Season patties. 5. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron skillet to medium-high. 6. Lightly coat skillet with oil and cook patties in batches. Brown one side undisturbed, about 3 minutes. Carefully flip and cook until desired doneness, about 3 minutes for medium. 7. Serve on toasted potato rolls with your favorite accompaniments. • 3

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Summer Fun!


What Is the World’s Best Exercise? Get Ready for Summer Activities!


Great Events This July in Burien Juicy Lucy Sliders


Taking a Step Into the Past This Summer


S u m

T h e s e E

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

and achievements of some of history’s greatest cowgirls makes the trip worth it.

Tombstone, Arizona, and All Its Wild Wonders

Whether you have a car full of restless young’uns to entertain, or you just want to gain some new insight into your country roots, this outing is fascinating for the whole family. As a truly unsung and unique aspect of the American West, this blast from the past gives new meaning to “girl power.” Through exciting displays and informative tours, the National Cowgirl Museum brings you back to a daring world where no day was guaranteed. Starting as nothing more than a modest room in the building’s basement, the museum has grown to more than 33,000 square feet and boasts over 4,000 artifacts. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, this destination may be a bit of a drive, but the unique opportunity to take in the bravery

Few towns have played a more important role in our common knowledge of the Wild West than Tombstone, Arizona. From the popular movie of the same name to the famed “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral,” this stunning city is unparalleled in historical value. Through countless restoration efforts and local museums, this Wild West behemoth has no shortage of adventures to set out on. From old-timey saloons and spooky graveyards to the infamous Birdcage Theatre, you can go on a week’s worth of expeditions accompanied by friendly guides who are there to fill you in on all the tales of old.

There are only so many times you can go to Disney World over the summer until both kids and parents start snoring from boredom. Why not take a break from your modern ways? Silence your cell phones, pop in a road trip CD, roll the windows down, and get a new perspective on this great nation of ours. You’d be surprised by the hidden historical gems our country is home to.

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