April 26 – May 30, 2024

May Sun Signs

As an eventful April closes, fiery Mars moves into its home sign, Aries. This placement empowers the action planet and can put our focus on our future needs and the resources we require to fulfill any ambitions. During May and into early June the energy is about ‘winning’ and getting there first. On a personal level, this can give us the edge we need to start projects or pursue goals. The caution is to avoid compulsive or spontaneous action without due consideration for the possible consequences. On a global scale, there is a potential for escalating conflicts as the combative drive is strong and the attitude of ‘might makes right’ is dominant. Mars recently made a conjunction with Saturn and this dynamic will take about two years to fully play out. Events from around April 10 will set the foundation for this time frame. May 1 is traditionally celebrat- ed as Bealtaine and we have a strong Taurus energy for the first three weeks with both the feel- good planets Jupiter and Venus

here. Despite other more difficult energies, it is a time of produc- tivity. Both the love and desire planets, Venus and Mars are now in their home signs of Taurus and Aries, respectively. Getting a strong sense of our core values and how we want to act on them is the theme. The courage to stand up and live by what is considered important is going to show in events around the world as people put their attention on their founda- tions and basic security. The New Moon in Taurus on May 8 links with Saturn in a supportive role. This adds to the trend towards getting the basics sorted out so we can have peace, harmony and well-being as an ev- eryday experience. With a focus on romance, beauty and pleasure, as well as hard work in early May, we are given the reminder to appreciate the good things in life. Even though the recent con- junction of Jupiter with Uranus may not have sparked any specific events or sudden moments of life-changing insight for you, there is more of this potential

around May 13 when the Sun joins with Uranus in Taurus and sets this energy off like a spark to dry tinder. It can ignite a passion- ate response and things could take almost miraculous twists or turns. The Sun Uranus combination is flanked by the ‘benfics’ Venus and Jupiter. These are the good guys and they bring fun and uplifting support to any sudden or unex- pected events. Even if it’s a calm and uneventful time for you, this is a day to enjoy. In fact, enjoy the whole week because Venus joins with Uranus on May 18 and the Sun and Jupiter are still all in this mix. These are positive vibes and you can make the most of this energy to cut loose or expand your sphere. Whatever makes you happy and feel fulfilled is the way to go. Think big, act magnificent - ly and give your heart the lead. Allow the good to find you and see it everywhere around you. This focus of attention can be the change you were hoping for. The next powerful dynamic comes with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23. This

brings another lovely combina- tion involving Venus and Jupiter and they also draw on Neptune’s energy. This may bring some of your dreams and wishes to fruition. It is a great time to be creative or take time for some spiritual regeneration. Whatever opportunities this brings you, big or small, ensure your focus stays on the bigger picture, the higher good and the best version of your- self. This Full Moon encourages you to expand your world, inner and outer. As the month concludes there are more challenging dynam- ics that bring back issues from around the April 8 Eclipse. On May 25, Mars hits this zodiac position and can trigger further actions that relate to early April events. From May 26, Jupiter will shift signs into Gemini where it will transit over the coming year. It is 12 years since Jupiter was last in this sign and a lot has happened since then. Gemini is all about there being more than one side to a story. It is a lively sign

with mental agility that wants to contrast and compare everything it experiences. Jupiter here brings a more exaggerated or increased level to these themes. The coming months will bring more data, digital and communi- cations issues to our attention. We can expect a lot of new informa- tion to be made available and we will see there are options ahead. Curiosity is going to discover new potentials and we can find there are several variations to the themes that are playing out in our current times. May is a busy month and it is a positive month too. It is up to you and your personal focus to make the best of this energy. Remember the saying ‘Energy flows where the attention goes!’ May has a New Moon in 19 degrees Taurus on the 8th at 4.21am and a Full Moon in three degrees Sagittarius on the 23rd at 2.53pm

Kate Arbon is an astrologer, writer and spiritual teacher. Living in West Cork for over 20 years she gives personal consultations locally and internationally using traditional natal and Horary astrology. email: astro@katearbon ASTROLOGY Kate Arbon

Aries: Money, possessions, financial security, and practical matters are a focus for you now. You can make some very interesting professional or financial moves this month. Be ready to put your money on the table to get ahead. If you have tended to be generous or extravagant with your resources, you may begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the least, it should become clear to you what your next steps should be regarding your finances. Your astute vision will enable you to correctly assess the right investment, job or any other money matter that arises after the New Moon phase. Taurus: During this time you can make an impression on others by making a strong statement to the world about who you are. People recognise you and are likely to fol- low your lead, or at the least, they stay out of your way. You are likely to feel more confident and vital now. How - ever, you may be so preoccupied with yourself and your own desires that you unintentionally ignore other people and their needs. Include the ones you love in your plans and things will get progressively better. You should be able to strengthen the bond with someone who has been an influence in your life. Gemini: You’ll be torn between what you want to do and what you have to do. Retreating from the world for a while and spending some quiet time alone to relax and rejuvenate appeals strongly to you now. You may feel like you are at a low ebb and as if nothing is happen- ing or you may simply not want to be ‘where the action is’. Don’t overreact, overdo or over-indulge to compensate for things not going according to your plans. Sometimes it’s best to do what you must, get it out of the way now. You’ll get your turn to please yourself. Competi- tive ambitions and ego drives are on hold now. Cancer: Get involved in charity events or social action groups that interest you and you will make headway in many different areas of your life through the people you meet and the information you discover. You may be asked to take responsibility or even a leadership role or to contribute and participate more fully than you have in the past. You will enjoy being part of a team or group effort now. Being part of a community or circle of friends and building your social network is important to you at this time. Leo: Over the New Moon don’t mix business with pleasure if you want to avoid trouble. Not everyone will be on your side over the next few weeks so you may want to choose your friends carefully and keep your personal thoughts and opinions to yourself. With your career and reputation very important to you at this time, you can make significant gains regarding your ambitions. Recognition for your efforts and receiving credit for your accomplishments are likely now, but only if you’ve “done your homework”. This is an excellent time to ask for a promotion or to engage the support of those in positions of higher authority.

Virgo: This is a time to lift yourself out of your usual mundane concerns to get a larger perspective on your life. Although it may all seem overwhelming for a while remember that as long as you keep plugging away you will make gains. You really can get things up and running if you try. A chance to do things a little differently will make all the difference in the world. Don’t slow down because someone can’t keep up with you. You have to maintain the momentum. A teacher or mentor who appears on this New Moon may be particularly important to you later. Libra: Don’t push your luck now. Joint financial affairs and investments are likely to be an issue at this time, and it is a good time to clarify each person’s expectations and to take care of any legal business, insurance, wills, and so on. On a personal level, there is a desire to intensify the level of intimacy and honesty in your closest relationships and to clear away anything in yourself which is impeding that deeper union you seek. Any temptation to make abrupt decisions and changes could lead to additional problems that you can do without. Stick to what’s clear and avoid taking on other people’s responsibilities. Scorpio: Partnerships, marriage, and one-to-one relation- ships take your attention now and you are called upon to cooperate and perhaps to relinquish some of your own personal interests for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit. You may end up questioning yourself as well as the motives of the people around you. Get to the bottom of things before it’s too late. Once you have all the facts you will be in a much better position to make a decision. Don’t let anyone pull you in a direc- tion you don’t want to go and do what’s best for you but the emphasis is on ‘we’ rather than ‘me’. Sagittarius: Doing your best work and taking pride in it are a focus for you now. You should be able to make some worthwhile career moves or at least secure your current position so that you don’t have to worry about your financial future. This is a good time to examine how you use your time and energy, to improve your efficiency and productivity. Watch out for health matters as you are concerned with your body now, and you may be inspired to begin a self-improvement program, create better habits, or begin a new diet or fitness plan. Capricorn: You are energised and inspired creatively and emotionally coming up to this New Moon time, and you want to bring forth all that’s deep within you. You express yourself more freely, playfully, and spontaneously and are more willing to take chances. You will have Lady Luck in your corner so be sure to look for good deals. Social activities, travel and attending different cultural events will all lead to meeting people who can help further your goals. The dramatic and performing arts, sports and games, or other forms of self-expression and entertainment appeal strongly to you now. You can accomplish much if you set your mind to it.

Aquarius: From the beginning of this month, you will have been enjoying the success that you worked hard to achieve. Don’t be too quick to put your energy into new projects as you approach the New Moon, wait until the end of the month. All kinds of creative work are favoured and you might find yourself more closely involved with chil - dren at this time. Don’t be surprised if there is some conflict between your personal enjoyment and what others think you should be doing for kicks. Those things that need to be discussed and settled with the family can be dealt with in the next few weeks. Pisces: Take a trip back into your past and you will find the answers you are looking for. Now it’s time to make changes instead of doing a repeat performance. Taking time to talk with neighbours and folks you cross paths with daily may result in more positive and smoother-run- ning relationships generally. You’ll want to fritter away your time on fun and social events over the New Moon, but this may not be at all bad, things have been serious enough for you to want to take a break now. This is a good time to participate in or contribute to any commu- nity events in your area

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