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We moved to Las Cruces many years ago as part of

grew and we expanded to a 2nd location in Las Cruces and a 3rd in west El Paso. After 20 years, my goal has not changed and I continue to focus on addressing community needs in a way that navigates the current healthcare system. I ampleased to announce that Southwest Sport & Spine is transitioning to the FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers franchise. I continue to own the business but can now offer Las Cruces and El Paso a level 3 balance center. The level 3 designation means we have state of the art technology and advanced certifications in vestibular rehabilitation. There is not another Level 3 center between Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. We are excited to bring this state of the art equipment to the area and provide solutions for those suffering frombalance disorders. With this new equipment and trainingwe are now the local specialists in balance, dizziness, vertigo and concussionmanagement. We still offer the same excellent Sport & Spine services, while adding state of the art balance technologies. I want everyone to know we have a new name, but are still the same, just getting better! Love your life, Denise Campbell Founder, Owner, CEO

my husband’s career in Animal Science. New Mexico State University was a logical choice and well respected. Little didwe know that wewould end up owning a business and making this our home. John is now a professor at New Mexico StateUniversity andmy 3 children are doingwell as young adults. My oldest is now in business, my middle is an actress and the youngest is in physical therapy. As for our business, much has changed. In May, 2020 we will celebrate Southwest Sport & Spine Center Inc.’s 20th Anniversary of serving the Las Cruces community. I can’t believe it has been 20 years! It seems like the time is flying by faster than ever and it is amazing to reflect on the growth in Las Cruces and El Paso as well as the rapid change in healthcare. I opened Southwest Sport & Spine Center, Inc. in May 2000 because I wanted to serve Las Cruces and provide access to international spine care methods. I was fortunate to study theMcKenzieMethod inNew Zealand and earnmy advanced certification. We established Southwest Sport & Spine Center as the premier McKenzie Certified practice in the southwest. Over the years, the business


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