October 2018 Newsletter

OCTOBER 20 1 8

VOL . 0 7

THE NATIVE FEATHER The latest news and updates from Native Barre Studios

Native Jump is coming back!


Yes, we heard you!

Native Jump is coming back!

We know you missed the heart pumping, endorphen relasing exercise so we are bringing it back the week of November 5th! What is even better-we are adding class options. There will be early morning classes for the go-getters, NOT too too early morning class for the drop off crowd AND evening classes for those who want to end their day on a high  note!

COMING SOON: Native Sole

Introducing...our new instructors

Kids Yoga on Wednesdays!  

 Who's in!? Book classes soon at www.nativebarre.com based on your shoe size.

Class Spotlight: Adult Ballet Book Recommendation: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle NEW: Evening Class Registration Policy & NEW PRICING!!

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