Word of Life Lifeline - Spring 2018

Have you considered THE GIFT THAT GIVES BACK? A Charitable Gift Annuity is the Gift that Gives Back — it allows you to lock in a future gift to Word of Life while providing a source of fixed, lifetime payments for your own needs. These agreements have been used by people to support Word of Life for over 30 years. In fact, we’re a member of the American Council on Gift Annuities and Bob Brown, who directs our Word of Life Foundation is Chairman of the Intermission Gift Annuity Fund. All of that to say— We know gift annuities! Rates for a single life currently range from 5.1% at age 70 up to 9.0% at age 90 (two-life agreements are also available). We would love to prepare an illustration that shows how a gift annuity may meet your specific needs. These Gift Annuities provide a charitable deduction for you in the year it begins. A portion of the annual payout is tax-free, and appreciated stocks, mutual funds or bonds can also be used to fund the annuity. Only a portion of the appreciated value is subject to capital gains tax and even that portion is spread over your lifetime. The charitable gift annuity brings certainty and control within reach: ✓ Create fixed, dependable income for your needs that supplement other income; ✓ Provide a future gift certain to support ministry; and ✓ Offer attractive yields and tax advantages. Charitable gift annuities are just one of the planned giving tools offered by Word of Life to help you be a good steward of what God’s given you. Word of Life has also teamed with PhilanthroCorp to offer comprehensive gift planning services for all our friends and supporters at NO cost to you. To receive your own illustration of gift annuity benefits, call Bob Brown at the Foundation at 518.494.6205 or contact our friends at PhilanthroCorp directly at 719.955.2500.

GOD IS ALIVE — a special Gift for YOU! from co-founder Harry Bollback

“My desire is to show through these few pages that God is Alive and still actively involved in the lives of people. In the post-modern world that we live in today, the truth of God’s power and sovereignty has often been marginalized and trivialized. But it is great to know that the Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation. In this 21st Century, God has chosen to use the ‘foolishness of preaching’ to reach out and touch the hearts of people, forever changing their lives. Praise God, the Gospel still works. It works because GOD IS ALIVE!” For everyone who completes the online SURVEY at wol.is/lifelinesurvey, we’ll send you a FREE copy of Harry Bollback’s book GOD IS ALIVE —a collection of some of his favorite and best stories to remind you that God is actively involved in the lives of people.


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