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Discover the colour and warmth of rhythms from around the world this fall by registering at an African or Brazilian drumming school. Give free rein to your creativity and learn about different cultures while having lots of fun. As well as developing your motor skills, learning the art of drumming will also allow you to improve your concentration and your musical memory. Classes offered by drumming schools are usually given in the form of group workshops that take place in a dynamic and festive atmosphere. They introduce participants to the playing techniques of various instruments, including the djembe, conga, bongo, darbuka, and doum doum. These instruments are supplied by the school and can sometimes be rented by students wishing to practice at home. Do you have rhythm in your blood? Exchange your running shoes for a pair of Wellington boots and experience the enthralling adventure of gumboot dancing. Like drumming with the feet, this art form originated in the gold mines of South Africa during apartheid and is named for the rubber boots or gumboots worn by the workers. Because speaking was forbidden, coded rhythms tapped by the feet allowed miners to communicate amongst themselves. Over time this rarely used language transformed into a form of percussive dance that is taught around the world. Best of all, the gumboot dance is great for staying fit and relaxing due to its steady rhythm and rapid movements. So, whether you prefer to learn the art of djembe or gumboot, let the mesmerizing and powerful rhythms of Africa and Brazil sweep you away as you register at a drumming school or dance class.

PROGRAMMES DISPONIBLES: - Programme Préscolaire (de 3 à 5 ans) - Patinage Plus (6 ans et plus) - Patinage Adultes - Patinage STAR

INSCRIPTIONS: Palais des Sports (Aréna) d’Embrun, 6, rue Blais le jeudi 23 août de 19 h à 21h le mardi 4 septembre de 18h30 à 21h le samedi 8 septembre de 9 h à 13 h

Pour plus d’info, veuillez communiquer avec nous par courriel à ou visitez notre page Facebook Tous nos programmes sont offerts les mardis soirs et samedis matins

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Wednesday/mercredi le 12 sept. & Wednesday/mercredi le 19 sept.

7 :00 – 9 :00 pm 19 h – 21 h À l’aréna de Russell prix 170,00$ Vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire au Replay Sports jusqu’au 30 septembre. You can also register at Replay Sports until September 30th


Total Telecom 1.855.574.6231 R and R Satellite 1.855.500.4666 High Speed Canada 1.855.254.6892

For girls and boys ages 5 to 15 Every Saturday nights At the Russell Arena

Pour garçons et filles de 5 à 15 ans Tous les samedis soir À l’aréna de Russell 1.866.943.8632

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