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The Enchantment of Autumn Your Body Will Thank You for Staying Outside

September is a fine month to live in New Jersey. The crowds are gone from the shore, which leaves more room for locals to enjoy the waves and sand. The shore is just as beautiful and the weather is just as pleasant, so for those of us who live close, it’s a real treat, especially on those late-season days that faintly echo the summer heat before true fall weather kicks in. The kids are back in school, which also helps mitigate the beach crowds. When I was young, I loved the first few days of school and seeing my friends again. Of course, the enchantment wore off after a week or so. At least there were fall sports to look forward to.

Young people have to spend more time indoors, and I’m sure many of us will follow suit as the weather gets chillier. For a while in September and October, we hit that sweet spot where it’s the perfect temperature for afternoon walks along the boardwalk or in the park. Later in the season, it’s easier to justify cozying up indoors.

“There’s still something enchanting about an afternoon walk bundled up in jackets and mittens, soaking in the beautiful autumn colors.”

As for us, our No. 1 focus is on our patients’ health, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t express our endorsement of outdoor activity. If you have the capacity, the cool weather feels refreshing as you work up a sweat jogging or cycling. If not, there’s still something enchanting about an afternoon walk bundled up in jackets and mittens, soaking in the beautiful autumn colors. Another way to feel better is to come in for our wellness services. We see an uptick of stay-at-home moms this season, because with the kids in school, they finally have some time for themselves. We love seeing those faces that we’ve missed all summer and hearing the stories of your family vacations and the trouble your children got into. That’s one of our favorite parts of this practice: When our customers come in for treatment, you can usually see on their faces how much they need it. Whether it’s acupuncture, neck and back pain relief, or K-Laser therapy, we want to give you a reprieve with whatever bothered you this summer.

As the weather gets cooler, we’ll gear up for Halloween. Every year, we see regular costumes put on over and under the requisite coats and jackets. As for me and mine, we’ll be bundled up inside watching the scary Halloween movies I loved as a teenager: “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Friday the 13th,” etc. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s been a traditional part of my holiday since I was younger. I hope you have a wonderful fall season. Remember, even when it’s chilly outside, there’s some real beauty to see. Stay active; your eyes and your health will thank you.

Have a wonderful fall!

– Dr. Marron | 1

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