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We’ve talked about a lot of the members of the Ulmer family in this newsletter, including my sons and my parents. So, seeing as we’re entering the “dog days of summer,” I thought I’d throw the littlest member of our household a bone. This month, I want to tell you about Stitch. We brought home Stitch the French bulldog about two years ago. Our last dog had passed away not long before, and soon enough, Emilie and the kids were ready for a new puppy. I was the last holdout, but, in a moment of weakness, I caved. Nathan was the one who picked Stitch out, naming him after his favorite character from the Disney film “Lilo and Stitch.” In the movie, Stitch is an alien genetic experiment who escapes to Earth, where everyone thinks he’s a dog. I think our own Stitch is experiencing a similar case of mistaken identity. Both Emilie and I have had dogs our entire life. In fact, my mother worked at a rescue shelter, and we frequently brought home many furry friends. But all three of us are in agreement: Stitch is the most unique dog we’ve ever met. Our bulldog thinks he’s a cat. That’s the best way I can describe it. Beyond the pointy ears and small body, his interactions with

people are very cat-like. Once he’s warmed up to you, he’ll stay close, curling up in your lap the moment you sit down. He even sits with one leg behind his back! And the similarities don’t stop there. His little snores sound a whole lot like purrs, and one of his favorite activities is to chase a laser pointer around for hours. Heck, as I write this, Stitch is curled up on his little bed under my desk, shooting me knowing looks. Perhaps the wildest example of Stitch’s un-doglike behavior is how he goes on walks. I’ve been on walks with canines big and small, and they all do plenty of meandering. I’m sure all dog lovers reading this can relate to how they have to sniff every surface. Stitch doesn’t do this. When we walk, he’s on a mission: get out, do his business, and make it home. No sniffing, no distractions. If he had a litter box, he might not even be interested in the outside world. The one way Stitch does behave like a dog is when it comes to fetch. The only word he knows throw.” He’ll play for hours but is just as happy to snuggle up to you on the couch. He’s really the best of what dogs and cats have to offer. Did I mention he likes to is “ball,” which he defines as “something you are going to

wear hats? I’ve never seen another animal do this, but the boys will put a cap on him, and he’ll happily pose for photos. Christmas cards have never been easier thanks to Stitch! Despite (or maybe because of) his strangeness, Stitch is a beloved member of the family. The kids do a great job sharing the responsibility of taking care of him, and Emilie treats him like her own baby. If she had her way, Stitch would roam the halls of our clinic! For my part, I love the gentle, caring nature of this little goofball. He’s brought a lot of joy to each of us, which is why I’m happy to share his story with you.

Here’s to man’s best friend,

–Mike Ulmer | 1

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