201906 SERC Transmission

SERC Transmission Newsletter Generated Monthly for Stakeholders

June 2019

Volume 6: Issue 6





By Jason Blake, President and CEO I am pleased to report about the great progress that we are making on numerous fronts at SERC. In a way, it is kind of difficult to decide where to begin… Certainly the official integration of Florida on July 1st is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and rightfully so – we achieved a lot of milestones as we noted in last month’s newsletter, and the momentum has continued. We have had more great engage-

ment opportunities throughout the month of May; I was invited to attend the FRCC Board of Directors meeting; Gaurav Karandikar, Todd Curl, Mike Kuhl, and I attended the FRCC Regional Entity Committee & Compliance Forum (RECCF); and members of my executive team traveled to Florida to meet with an entity’s management team to learn more about how we will work together after the transition. As you are aware, we previously received approval for a set of Bylaws changes to accompany the FRCC integration and ensure Florida representation on our Board Executive Committee. We are also nearing completion of a second round of changes to ensure that our governance model is as efficient and effective as possible. This process includes evaluat- ing best governance practices, constructs, and approaches, while also ensuring active, balanced, diverse, and strategic stakeholder expertise and engagement. We have an important mission at SERC, and we want to make sure that our Board and its Committees are best positioned to perform oversight and help us set strategy to best effectuate our mission of reducing risks across our footprint. Astakeholder-led task force is leading this objective, and we will provide you with an update on this effort in our next newsletter. Suffice it to say, great progress is underway. We have also focused our attention on how we are internally organized as we position ourselves for the future. For the past several months, we have been evaluating our programs and our organizational structure to ensure that they are


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