Campus Commons PT October 2019



If organization is so important, then why is staying organized so hard? Maybe it’s because sometimes the busyness of life gets to us and knocks us off track, or maybe it’s because we look at the daunting task list in front of us and decide there’s too much to do. When it comes to keeping my life, my family, and my business all balanced, I can’t focus on my end goal without a step-by-step process for how to get there. Even then, I don’t always succeed in staying on top of things. When I was in high school and college, I was a fairly organized guy. I had sticky notes everywhere with reminders about everything. But, right around the time Tiffany and I started having kids, I stopped using sticky notes, and my organization skills seemed to disappear. I’m not sure why it happened. Maybe I just got too busy. Whatever the reason, the clutter started to build up. I’ve since gone back to using sticky notes, but I don’t think I’ve achieved the level of organization I once had. If you want to see the front lines of my ongoing battle with disorganization, look no further than my desk at work (if you can see it under all the papers). That being said, we’ve found a few key concepts that are beneficial to staying organized.

Compartmentalization is key. At our house, we have a master calendar for everything my wife, my kids, and I are all doing. But the calendar isn’t the cure-all for disorganization — no single tool is going to keep our lives in order. Tiffany and I can get work done from home if we want to, so, even though we want to be completely present for our kids, to take them to school and sports practices, and to watch their games, having our work computers in the house can upset that effort to compartmentalize. That’s why, when we’re just hanging around the house on weekends, my wife urges me to keep my computer closed. Otherwise, home life and work life can melt together and introduce disorganization. “ULTIMATELY, ORGANIZATION TAKES EFFORT AND COMMITMENT. THERE’S NO WAY AROUND THAT.” Accountability is also a huge part of staying organized. Each physical therapist at Campus Commons PT builds and develops programs for their patients to follow when they’re not at the clinic. Part of a PT’s job is to make sure patients follow through on their at-home exercises so their recovery stays on track.

Similarly, if you have someone to keep you accountable to staying organized, you’ll be a lot more successful in doing so. Since my wife is part of the business, she is usually consistent in holding me to what I said I would do. Sometimes I don’t want to hear that I booked a busy day for myself, but part of being accountable is doing what you said even if you don’t want to. Finally, you need to form a plan and take things step by step. Sometimes it seems impossible to do everything required to get organized, but, if you piece out the process, you can feel a sense of accomplishment through achieving small goals each day. Ultimately, organization takes effort and commitment. There’s no way around that. Whether it’s a work project, a home project, or a plan to overcome an injury in physical therapy, organization takes work. Make a plan, and stay accountable. Even though getting organized is challenging, you’ll be happy you did it.

–Mark Eddy

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