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The Mothers in My Life Celebrating All Mothers on Mother’s Day Notes FromThe Field

Mothers are the type of people who inspire everyone, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by them. I’ve watched as my wife, Shelli; daughter, Lindsey; daughter-in-law, Rhiannon; and sister, Debbi, became mothers, and it was such an amazing experience to be a part of. Mothers touch every aspect of their children’s lives and the lives of the people around them. I cherish the opportunity to watch Lindsey and Rhiannon be incredible mothers and raise my grandchildren. It fills my heart to see the women they’ve become and to witness everything they’ve done for their kids. A mother gives her all for her kids to ensure they have a bright future. That’s something I saw Shelli do, too, when we adopted two of our children, Jeanine and Caleb. It was an interesting experience. The first time we met Jeanine and Caleb, it was through the foster care system, and I watched as Shelli gave her whole heart to them. When they first came into our home, we knew we might not be able to adopt them; nine months later, they were members of our family. Having these kids in our lives has been absolutely incredible, and I’m thankful every day to have the chance to raise such amazing children. That never-ending source of love and support that Shelli gave Jeanine and Caleb is something that my mom has, too. My mother has supported, encouraged, and believed in me ever since I was a kid. In high school, she’d make sure to wake up early and see me off to school, and she always had dinner ready and waiting for me whenever I got home after football or baseball practice. I think the biggest influence my mom had on me was how much support she gave me as a kid. My mom always helped me see what was possible in my life, and she continues to encourage me to this day. “Mothers touch every aspect of their children’s lives and the lives of the people around them.”

Something I remember my mom doing is serving us cake or pie for breakfast sometimes, and we loved it. While everyone else was having eggs, toast, oatmeal, or cereal, my mom would bake us a cake. Today, she’s still huge into baking and often bakes cakes and pies for special occasions. Another great thing I remember was that during college, Mom wrote a lot of letters to me. But, her handwriting was so bad that I could barely read them. I remember telling her several times to just type them up because then I would be able to read her letters. Despite the fact that I couldn’t read them, I always looked forward to receiving her letters. People don’t write many letters these days, especially with text messaging. So, I appreciate how my mom took the time to sit down and write each letter out, which makes those letters very precious to me.

Let’s celebrate all mothers this Mother’s Day for everything they’ve done for us, their children, and their families. Happy Mother’s Day! | 1

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