909447_TTC Enclosure Data Sheet

Thermo Top C Enclosure Coolant Heater

Compact and Reliable. The Thermo Top C utilizes proven technology with millions of units currently in use. Its high output in a small package makes it the perfect solution for engine pre-heating, fuel savings and emission reduction. in many vehicles. The powder coated, steel enclosure box helps protect the heater from the elements. This allows for exterior mounting and more application flexibility. The Thermo Top C is the perfect solution to reduce unneccesary idling and ultimately save fuel, lower exhaust emissions, and reduce engine wear and tear.

Coolant Heater Features: n Powder coated enclosure helps protect the heater from corrosion and road grime n Frame rail and exterior mounting allows for more application flexibility, fitting more types of vehicles n Kit includes everything needed for installation n Proven Thermo Top technology with millions in use n High output (17,200 BTU/h / 5 kW ) in a small package


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