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Spring 2019

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good thing, as the judge told us in the morning, because the problems and disagreements going on upstairs were getting settled without us. While we’d rather enjoy great health and not have to use our Medicare, it sure is great to have it there when we need it. Earlier this week, a client who’s been in Medicare for a little more than a year called me with a question about a detail of his policy. After we discussed the question, I asked him how it was working overall for him. Now, whenever I ask you this question, it’s with a little hesitation. Because — annual physical and preventive screenings aside — if you’re actually using the program we’ve enrolled you in, it probably means that a health challenge of one magnitude or another has roared into your life like a freight train. Otherwise in excellent health, my client recounted how a recent vacation went suddenly awry with an accident and injury. It was a real joy for me to hear how his Medicare plan performed for him, covering the services and therapies needed at a significantly lower cost than he had been paying before Medicare.

The guy behind me is snoring. The teacher across the table is correcting math tests. A few people around the room are writing. Open laptops are scattered around the room. Half or more of my neighbors are looking at their phones. Several old-stylers are actually reading books. Others are staring into space. All 200-plus of us are hoping for an uneventful day. If by now you are thinking, “It sounds like Lyn has jury duty,” you’re correct! The jury services manager started the day by informing us that there were 29 cases before the courts and our presence, regardless of whether we were chosen for a trial, was incentive for the individuals and parties on the third and fourth floors of the Hall of Justice to move forward and resolve matters without going to trial. The morning passed without anyone being called upstairs for jury selection. After having lunch with a friend, we settled back in for the afternoon. The number of trials on the board was reduced to 10. This was widely received by all as good news. Afternoon break arrived without a group having been called. At 3:25 p.m., the manager changed the 10 on the board to a zero, and then came on the microphone to congratulate us for a fantastic job of doing nothing all day! We were dismissed — duty fulfilled. A cheer went up from the crowd, “We get to go home early!”

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your Medicare needs.


Today’s jury duty experience reminds me of our health and Medicare. Not being used as a juror was actually a

–Lyn Thomas


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